November 11, 1999

O'Reilly Releases Oracle PL/SQL Programming Guide to Oracle8i Features and Oracle SAP Administration

SEBASTOPOL, CA--Steven Feuerstein, author of the well-received Oracle PL/SQL series, has done it again. He has written a book designed to bring developers up to speed as quickly as possible on the new PL/SQL features of Oracle8i.

Following the style of Feuerstein's earlier books, Oracle PL/SQL Programming Guide to Oracle8i Features combines easy-to-understand descriptions of the new Oracle8i features with a wealth of interesting and informative examples. It covers autonomous transactions, invoker rights, native dynamic SQL, bulk binds and collects, system-level database triggers, new built-in packages, fine-grained access control, calling Java methods from within PL/SQL, and much more.

PL/SQL developers will be able to take advantage of all the power of Java without giving up the performance and usability perks of PL/SQL. Oracle PL/SQL Programming Guide to Oracle8i offers enough Java know-how to build simple Java classes, load them into the Oracle8i database, and leverage those classes from within the PL/SQL code.

Another recently released Oracle title, Oracle SAP Administration, focuses on the intersection of the SAP business system and the Oracle database management system. This book is designed for the experienced Oracle database administrator, system administrator, and developer who is using either Oracle8 or Oracle7.

Oracle SAP Administration covers the most useful administration tools, SAPDBA and SAPGUI. It provides recommendations for the most efficient placement of data files; monitoring databases; reorganizing tables, tablespaces, and indexes; backing up and recovering databases; and tuning Oracle/SAP databases for best performance. There are chapters on special issues for parallel processing and for very large SAP databases, and a summary of additional resources for the Oracle/SAP administrator.

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Oracle PL/SQL Programming Guide to Oracle8i Features
By Steven Feuerstein
1st Edition October 1999
272 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-675-7, $29.95, Includes Diskette

Oracle SAP Administration
By Donald K. Burleson
1st Edition November 1999
214 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-696-X, $32.95

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