October 28, 1998

An In-Depth Look at Oracle Security

SEBASTOPOL, CA--Security in a relational database management system is complex, and too few DBAs system administrators, managers, and developers understand how Oracle implements system and database security. Newly released, Oracle Security describes how Oracle database security features are implemented, and provides many practical strategies for securing Oracle systems and databases.

Oracle Security covers the field of Oracle security from simple to complex. It describes basic RDBMS security features (e.g., passwords, profiles, roles, privileges, synonyms) and discusses such Oracle products as the Oracle Enterprise Server and Oracle Security Server. The book also touches on advanced security features, such as encryption, Trusted Oracle, and Internet and Web protection.

Oracle Security focuses on the following database security topics:

About the Authors
Marlene Theriault has over 14 years of experience as a database administrator, starting with version 2.0 of the Oracle RDBMS. She has presented papers at numerous conferences throughout the world, including various IOUG-A, DECUS, EOUG, and Oracle OpenWorld conferences. At the 1997 East Coast Oracle conference, Marlene tied for first place with Steven Feuerstein, receiving an "Outstanding Speaker" award. She also received the "Distinguished Speaker" award two years in a row at ECO- '95 and ECO- '96. Marlene's articles have appeared in Pinnacle Press' Oracle Developer Magazine, IOUG-A's SELECT Magazine, and many user group publications. Marlene reactivated the Mid-Atlantic Association of Oracle Professionals' Database Administration Special Interest Group and is the current chair of the MAOP DBA SIG. She authors an "Ask The DBA" column for the MAOP newsletter, and her articles and columns are available at http://www.maop.org/sig-dba/.

William Heney started working with version 2 of the Oracle database in 1980. After doing application development in FORTRAN and what then passed for "Forms," he began to specialize in DBA work. In the ensuing years he has worked for a wide variety of customers, many of whom wanted some form of access control implemented in the database. Some of the techniques acquired during these experiences are reflected in this book.


Oracle Security
By Marlene Theriault & William Heney
1st Edition October 1998
446 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-450-9; $34.95

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