January 20, 2003

Bringing Order to a Chaos of Data: O'Reilly Releases "Oracle in a Nutshell"

Sebastopol, CA--Over the past three years, Oracle Corporation has introduced new products and significant updates to its industry-leading database system at a dizzying pace. And with each new release, the company has added thousands of pages of documentation to its web site, complicating the ability of Oracle users to keep up with information about the database and its capabilities. In an effort to bring order to this chaos of data, the authors of Oracle in a Nutshell (O'Reilly, US $49.95) have boiled down Oracle's documentation into a single volume that contains what they consider the most essential information on the database's architecture, syntax, and user interfaces.

"One of the greatest challenges that faced us was the most basic--how to create a Nutshell book for Oracle and still have a volume that you could actually lift without mechanical assistance," comment authors Rick Greenwald and Dave Kreines. "We've tried to pull together, in the most concise fashion possible, the information that database administrators need as they manage and write code for Oracle databases."

The result is a 900-page desktop reference whose condensed material and unique format offer quick access to vital Oracle commands, language constructs, parameters, and file formats. "Oracle in a Nutshell" is a technical reference for serious users who know what they want to do, but just can't remember the right command or default, the right parameter or range of values, or the right package header format and datatypes.

Oracle is complex; offering a myriad of options, languages, and tools. The most recent product updates have changed this once self-contained database into a system designed to support object-oriented programming and communicate with other technologies to run powerful e-commerce applications. Oracle's "internet database" (versions 8i and 9i) is XML-enabled and includes vast support for Java developers. With these and other innovations, Oracle has remained the leading enterprise relational database management system (RDBMS) in the world since its introduction a quarter-century ago.

"Oracle in a Nutshell" covers all Oracle versions through the latest release of Oracle9i. Greenwald--a writer and programmer who currently works for Oracle--and Kreines, an Oracle DBA and author of other Oracle titles for O'Reilly, distilled more than 13,000 pages of Oracle documentation into this practical desktop quick reference.

"There is something here for all types of Oracle users: DBAs, PL/SQL and Java developers, and system, network, and security administrators," Greenwald and Kreines assert. "We think they will find the answers they need in this volume."

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Oracle in a Nutshell
A Desktop Quick Reference
By Rick Greenwald, David C. Kreines
0-596-00336-6, Order Number: 3366
926 pages, $49.95 US, $77.95 CA, 35.50 UK

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