June 16, 1998

Take Your PalmPilot Where No Man Has Gone Before

SEBASTOPOL, CA--O'Reilly's newest release, PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide, is packed with hundreds of time-saving tips and tricks for PalmPilot power users. Best-selling author David Pogue covers ways that people are using the PalmPilot and Palm III to "push the envelope"--everything from graffiti shortcuts to hackmaster to web browsing. He also covers surprising add-ons for this cassette-sized gadget; things like phone dialers, TV remote controls, flashlights, global-positioning satellite units, and pagers.

PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide, the bible of PalmPilot, covers the PalmPilot, PalmPilot Professsional, OEM models such as the IBM Workpad, and is the only book to cover the new software and features of the 1998 PalmPilot model, Palm III.

Pogue's entertaining guide is the most comprehensive Pilot book yet written. With the cooperation of Palm Computing, 3Com, and MetroWerks, Pogue succinctly answers every conceivable question, unlocks Pilot features most users never suspected, and radiates the fun, passion, and sense of community shared by Piloteers the world over.

Some of the unique features of PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide:

About the Author

David Pogue is the back-page columnist for Macworld magazine. His 15 books include the million-selling Macs for Dummies, Opera for Dummies, Magic for Dummies, The Microsloth Joke Book, and Tales from the Tech Line, and his novel, Hard Drive, was a New York Times "notable book of the year." Pogue is a regular panelist at computer shows and has appeared in USA Today, the New York Times, on CBS' "48 Hours," on MSNBC's "The Site," and NBC's "Today in New York." In his other life, David is a personal computer teacher to Mia Farrow, Carly Simon, Harry Connick Jr., Stephen Sondheim, Vanessa Redgrave, and others, and a musical-theater conductor, having conducted several Broadway shows.


PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide
By David Pogue
1st Edition June 1998 (US)
450 pages, 1-56592-420-7, $29.95 (US$), Includes CD-ROM

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