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12/00 School Systems Outside the US. There's an increasing emphasis on intensive early intervention and a wider spectrum of services. However, budget restrictions are also common. This article examines school systems in Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
12/00 Classrooms that Work. Parents of children with PDD-NOS or Atypical PDD describe classrooms and teaching methods that have worked for their children.
11/00 Social Skills Training in School. Social skills do not come naturally to people on the autistic spectrum. This article describes skills that can be learned and the technique of social stories as a teaching device.
11/00 Other Interventions. In past articles, using general holistic systems, vitamins, dietary supplements and herbs, and diet with PDDs have been explored. This article looks at further alternative approaches that some families use: allergy treatments, eye therapies, bodywork, and multifaceted approaches, such as DAN!
10/00 Special Education and IEPs. Information about appropriate school placements for children with PDD-NOS or Atypical PDD under IDEA, the U.S. federal law governing special education.
9/00 Dietary Supplements and Herbs. Dietary supplements and herbal remedies you may hear about in relation to pervasive developmental disorders, such as minerals, essential fatty acids, DMG, or sphingolin. Includes a section on evaluating supplement claims.

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