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New book by
Mitzi Waltz,
Autistic Spectrum Disorders:

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

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Support and Advocacy

The following excerpt is taken from Appendix B of Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Finding a Diagnosis and Getting Help by Mitzi Waltz, copyright 2002 by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. For book orders/information, call 1-800-998-9938. Permission is granted to print and distribute this excerpt for noncommercial use as long as the above source is included. The information in this article is meant to educate and should not be used as an alternative for professional medical care.

National Autism Organizations

In addition to the national organizations listed next, there are also many support groups focused on local autism spectrum disorders.

United States

Asperger Syndrome Coalition of the US
P.O. Box 351268
Jacksonville, FL 32235-1668
(866) 4-ASPRGR

Autism Society of America
7910 Woodmont Ave, Suite 300
Bethesda, MD 20814-3067
(301) 657-0881 or (800) 3AUTISM
Fax (301) 657-0869
Fax on demand for information (800) 329-0899

United Kingdom

The National Autistic Society
393 City Road
London EC1V 1NE
44 (0)20 7833 2299
Fax 44 (0)20 7833 9666

The Scottish Society for Autistic Children
Head Office, Hilton House
Alloa Business Park
Whins Road
Alloa FK10 3SA
(01259) 720044
Fax (01259) 720051

Republic of Ireland

Irish Society for Autism
Unity Building
16/17 Lower O'Connell Street
Dublin 1, Republic of Ireland
(071) 744684
Fax (071) 744224

Australia and New Zealand

Asperger's Syndrome Austalian Information Centre

Autism Council of Australia Ltd.

Autistic Organization of New Zealand Inc.
P.O. Box 7305
Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand
64 03 332 1038

Elsewhere and worldwide

Action for Autism
T370 Chiragh Gaon, 3rd Floor
New Delhi 110 017, India
(91) 11-641-6469
Fax (91) 11-641-470
This English-language group is active in India and South Asia.

Autism in Africa
This web site holds a collection of links to autism resources throughout Africa, including information in continental and West African French.

Autism Europe
Avenue E. Van Becelaere 26B, Bte. 21
B-1170 Bruxelles, Belgium
(32-0) 2-675-75-05
Fax (32-0) 2-675-72-70
Information available in French, English, and some other European languages.

Autism Network International
P.O. Box 35448
Syracuse, NY 13235-5448
This is a self-help and self-advocacy organization for people with autism.

Online support groups

This web site can help you join an email discussion group for people homeschooling children with ASDs.

To join this UK autism discussion group, send an email to this email address with a blank subject line and the message body "subscribe autism-U.K.", or see the web site.

Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum (InLv) list
This is an international list primarily for adults with ASDs. Some submissions are archived on the web site, and parents can benefit greatly from the perspective they present. To join, send an email to list manager Martijn Dekker about why you want to be part of the list.

OzAutism List (Australia and New Zealand)
Email Carolyn Baird at

St. John's AS Support list
This is a list for adults with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome, and parents of children with these conditions. To subscribe, send an email about why you want to join the list, with your name and email address.

St. John's autism list
This very active list is for parents of children with ASDs and for adults with ASDs. Send email with the message "subscribe autism Firstname Lastname". Past messages since 1997 are archived on the web site.

Related conditions

Several health conditions are linked to autism. If you or your child is affected by one of these, the following resources may help.

Angelman syndrome

Angelman Syndrome Foundation Inc.
414 Plaza Drive, Suite 209
Westmont, IL 60559
(630) 734-9267 or (800) IF-ANGEL
Fax (630) 655-0391

Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society
P.O. Box 37
Priddis, Alberta TOL 1WO
(403) 931-2415
Fax (403) 931-2415

Cornelia de Lange syndrome

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation Inc.
302 West Main Street, Suite 100
Avon, CT 06001
(860) 676-8166

Deafness and communication disorders

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Information Clearinghouse
1 Communication Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20892-3456
(301) 907-8830


Epilepsy Foundation
4351 Garden City Drive
Landover, MD 20785-7223
(800) 332-1000

Fragile X syndrome

The Fragile X Society
53 Winchelsea Lane
Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4LG
(44-0) 1424-813147

The National Fragile X Foundation
P.O. Box 190,488
San Francisco, CA 94119-0488
(800) 688-8765


American Hyperlexia Association
195 West Spangler Street, Suite B
Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 415-2212
Fax (630) 530-5909

Canadian Hyperlexia Association
300 John Street, Box 87673
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7R3
(905) 886-9163
Fax (905) 886-4624

Landau-Kleffner syndrome

4414 McCampbell Drive
Montgomery, AL 36106
(205) 271-3947

Friends of Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (FOLKS)
3 Stone Buildings, Ground Floor
Lincoln's Inn, London WC2A 3XL
(0870) 847-0707

Learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of America
4156 Library Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15234-1349
(412) 341-1515
Fax (412) 344-0224

NLDline: Nonverbal Learning Disabilities web site

Mental retardation

The Arc (formerly the Association of Retarded Citizens)
1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 650
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 565-3842

Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

PDA Contact Group

Prader-Willi syndrome

International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organization B.I.R.D. Europe Foundation Onlus
Via Bartolomeo Barza 1
36,023 Costozza
Vicenza, Italy
(39) 0444 555557

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association
5700 Midnight Pass Road
Sarasota, FL 34242
(941) 312-0400 or (800) 926-4797
Fax (941) 312-0142

Rett syndrome

International Rett Syndrome Association
9121 Piscataway Road
Clinton, MD 20735
(301) 856-3334 or (800) 818-RETT
Fax (301) 856-3336

Tuberous sclerosis

Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance
801 Roeder Road, Suite 750
Silver Spring, MD 20912
(800) 225-6872
Fax (301) 562-9870

General special needs

Australian Early Intervention Network
c/o CAMHS-Southern
Flinders Medical Centre
Bedford Park, South Australia 5042
(08) 8404 2999
Fax (08) 8357 5484

This is a UK-based disability information site.

Federation for Children with Special Needs
1135 Tremont Street, Suite 420
Boston, MA 02120
(617) 236-7210 or (800) 331-0688
This group can help you locate parents or parent organizations in your area.

March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
1275 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605
(888) 663-4637

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
P.O. Box 1492
Washington, DC 20013-1492
(202) 884-8200 or (800) 695-0285
Fax (202) 884-8441

Legal advocacy

United States

For help with Social Security Income (SSI), disability rights issues, or violations of special education law, call your state bar association and ask for its pro bono (free legal help) referral service, or contact the first group listed next.

National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems
900 Second Street NE, Suite 211
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 408-9514
Fax (202) 408-9520

National Welfare Monitoring and Advocacy Partnership
c/o Children's Defense Fund
25 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 628-8787

Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
6320 Augusta Drive, Suite 1200
Springfield, VA 22150
(703) 923-0010
Fax (703) 823-0030


Disability Law Service
c/o Network for the Handicapped Ltd.
49-51 Bedford Row, 2nd Floor, Room 241
London WC1R 4LR
(0171) 831-8031

Independent Panel for Special Education Advice (IPSEA)
6 Carlow Mews
Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1EA
0800 0184016 (UK free phone)
0131 454 0082 (Scotland)
01232 705654 (Northern Ireland)

Rights Now Campaign
12 City Forum
250 City Road
London EC1V 8AF
020 7250 3222


For general information about the Disability Discrimination Act and disability-related legal issues, you may want to start with one of the following:

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Level 8, Piccadilly Tower
133 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
(02) 9284 9600 or (1300) 656 419 (complaints)
TTY (800) 620 241
Fax (02) 9284 9611

Action Resource Network Inc.
266 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, Victoria 3067
(03) 9416-3488 or (800) 808-126
Fax (03) 9416-3484
TTY (03) 9416-3491

Action Resource Network Inc.
266 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, Victoria 3067
(03) 9416-3488 or (800) 808-126
Fax (03) 9416-3484
TTY (03) 9416-3491

New Zealand

The Human Rights Commission of New Zealand
P.O. Box 6751
Wellesley Street
(09) 309 0874 or (0800) 496 877
Fax (09) 375 8611

New Zealand CCS (Waikaito)
P.O. Box 272
Hamilton 2001
(07) 838 2744 or (0800) CCS CALL
Fax (07) 839 0192

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