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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas: Making Sense of Diagnosis, 
Treatment, and Options

Live Longer, Live Larger: A Holistic Approach for Cancer
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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Center
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Oncology Nursing Forum reviews Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas.

Oncologist-therapist team Bill & Susie Buchholz, authors of Live Longer, Live Larger give tools to patients for thriving with cancer:

Researching NHL. This article discusses how to get information from NCI, the internet, and medical research papers and textbooks; how to find out about clinical trials and support groups; and how to verify chemotherapy doses, interpret test results, and assess unproven remedies.

If you are keeping up with all lymphoma research, ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources) now has a search feature to scan the MedLine literature for recent additions in a particular disease type. For recent articles, it's easier than searching MedLine because you don't have to go in and set search limits/dates.

If You're Hospitalized. There are precautions you can take to make a hospital stay shorter and more effective. Make the best of your stay with these tips.

Treating NHL: Specific Classifications. This article describes generally accepted standards of care for broad classes of NHL (as of January 1999).

Treating NHL: General Information. Since the NHLs are a collection of diseases, they are treated in a variety of ways. This article gives you an overview of current treatments.

Late Effects, Late Complications. It used to be that no one really worried about late effects of cancer treatments--it was good enough if you survived the cancer. However, with people living longer after treatment, there are enough survivors to see patterns of late effects. Late effects are more profound for survivors of childhood NHL, where treatments occur during development. However, all survivors should be aware of late effect symptoms for which to seek monitoring or treatment.

What to Expect During Radiotherapy. This article describes a typical radiotherapy experience, including: simulation, preparation, scheduling, arrival, the setting, how radiation therapy is administered, dosages, and departure.


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