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After Breast Cancer

Library Journal Review
for After Breast Cancer

Mayer, Musa. After Breast Cancer: Answers to the Questions You're Afraid to Ask.
O'Reilly. (Patient-Centered Guides). 2003. c.196p. ISBN 0-596-50783-6. pap. $14.95

For over two million women living today after treatment for breast cancer, mention of the disease often elicits the response, "Been there; done that; don't want to do it again." Mayer, a counselor, activist, and contributor to publications such as MAMM magazine, felt the same after her diagnosis in 1989. But having researched the disease, she knew other women were at sea regarding their feelings and concerns about what happens next. Are they cured? Is the breast cancer gone? Will it recur? In an attempt to demonstrate the universality of these concerns, Mayer includes comments from women who are veterans of the breast cancer campaign. She also offers up statistic upon statistic of the current state of breast cancer and survivorship-perhaps too many, as the picture seems a bit more muddled after reading this than before. Ultimately, Mayer encourages women to be thoughtful, not tormented; they should let their bodies tell them if something is wrong. Breast cancer patients are basically all in the same boat. Mayer's final advice is to grab an oar and keep rowing. For comprehensive patient-health collections.

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