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Lung Cancer
by Lorraine Johnston

"Reducing the mortality rate of lung cancer continues to be a major priority in cancer research and disease management. This publication is a comprehensive text on lung cancer, written in layman's terms. It reviews the entire spectrum of the disease process from prevention and diagnosis through the treatment trajectory, symptom management, disease recurrence, and terminal care. According to Johnson, the text is a resource for patients recently diagnosed with lung cancer and long-term lung cancer survivors, as well as their caretakers. Although the author does not identify nurses or healthcare workers as a potential audience, the text is an excellent resource for nursing students, new graduates, and novice oncology nurses.

"Lung Cancer is well organized and progresses cleanly through each process of the disease trajectory. Examples of the client's lived experience are included to add reality and inspiration for patients with lung cancer and their significant others. The text is an excellent empowerment tool, provides correct and current clinical information, and promotes appropriate treatment choices for clients with lung cancer and their caregivers. Potential questions and suggestions for successful interactions with healthcare providers, including physicians, also are incorporated. Multiple healthcare providers (e.g., oncologists, oncology nurses, medical social workers) have reviewed medically intensive chapters and contributed their clinical expertise to ensure the text's accuracy.

"Five appendixes are included to clarify and supplement the content. Appendix A provides multiple resources, such as contact information for organizations, support groups, Web sites, medical resources, and clinical trials; legal, financial and insurance resources; free treatment drugs; travel and lodging information; and end-of-life resources. Appendix B offers a comprehensive list of tests and procedures specific to lung cancer. The author describes what the test or procedure accomplishes, how to prepare for it, details about its administration, how much pain my be incurred, recovery issues, and any potential risks. Normal ranges for test results are included in Appendix C. Chemotherapy drugs and treatment regimens specific to lung cancer are presented in Appendix D. Experimental drugs and prognostic markers are discussed in Appendix E.

"The text could be enhanced with the addition of diagrams, cartoons, pictures, or tables. Despite this limitation, Lung Cancer offers its readers a more comprehensive text than other printed material currently available and is very reader friendly."

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