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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas Gives Lung Cancer
by Lorraine Johnston
Five-Star Review

"Lung Cancer: Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options, by Lorraine Johnston (published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 2001; ISBN 0-596-50002-5) addresses in easy-to-understand language the medical, emotional, and support needs of a patient with lung cancer. Useful for patients themselves as well as their families and friends, caretakers, and survivors this patient guide is composed not only of a wealth of up-to-date information but patient and family accounts of their experiences as well. Johnston provides through her book a useful tool for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of the issues around being a lung cancer patient.

"This book discusses lung cancer symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatments and prognosis and is reviewed by top medical experts and physicians in the field. Its content is broad in scope and discusses the medical side of these issues but moves beyond medical explanations as well. In a straightforward manner it explains these and other pertinent issues in such a way that prepares the patient for what to expect. For example, after the author explains in one chapter how to find the right treatment team she also discusses in the following chapter the issues that may arise when interacting with medical personnel and provides suggestions for successful interaction. Similarly, along with explaining the treatment procedures a patient may encounter the author also delineates what to expect with the hospitalization experience, from how to prepare to departing from the hospital.

"Practical in nature, Johnston provides a lot of suggestions and tips handy for the various stages a lung cancer patient may go through as they journey through the pre-treatment, treatment, and post-treatment experience.

"Johnston achieves an effective balance between discussion of the medical aspects of lung cancer and discussion of the emotional responses often associated with the situation. Her discussion of post-treatment issues (i.e., medical monitoring and removal of the venous catheter) is complemented with a discussion of the emotional responses that may be associated with the end of treatment. A review of the medical aspects of a cancer returning (recurrence) is not without a discussion of the emotional responses that may be associated with recurrence of the disease.

"Johnston's book provides quite a comprehensive source for a range of issues related to lung cancer. Other issues discussed include sexuality and fertility, treatment side effects, getting support, financial issues, clinical trials, and dealing with failure of all treatments. One chapter devoted to researching lung cancer is an enlightening tool for learning how to obtain, verify, and interpret information from various sources of information including medical research papers, support groups, and the internet. Also valuable are the various resources in the Appendix which lists lung cancer resources (organizations, support groups, reading and reference material, with information about each one and contact information including website addresses), legal, financial, and insurance resources, medical resources, extensive practical information about many of the tests and procedures that a lung cancer patient may have, information related to interpreting test results, and more.

"Lung Cancer: Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options is a comprehensive and functional guide that lung cancer patients and their family and friends can use as a tool for becoming knowledgable about this disease. From understanding diagnosis and staging and finding state-of-the-art treatment to finding emotional and financial support and learning from survivors of this disease, this book answers questions and communicates others' experiences.

About the Author

"Lorraine Johnston is a patient advocate and has a background in life sciences. Through researching and advocating for family members who had cancer she became involved with the cancer patient community. In addition to being involved in numerous cancer support groups, she works on patient advocacy projects including fundraising and cohosting internet discussion groups for patients and survivors.

"In addition to Lung Cancer: Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options, Lorraine has written Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas: Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options and Colon and Rectal Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families."

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