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Patient-Centered Guides

April 2000

Soaring Teenage Drug & Alcohol Abuse Equals Increased Violence

SEBASTOPOL, CA --Every day more youth become dangerously involved with drugs and alcohol, to the point of abuse. Adolescent drug and alcohol abuse occurs in the lives of teenagers regardless of their socio-economic level, how often they go to church or whether their parents are married or divorced.

The problem is widespread and getting worse every day. The average age a teen starts drinking alcohol is 13, with marijuana experimentation beginning at age 14. We live in a culture where a six-year old can get a loaded gun at home from a 19-year-old drug dealer and take it to school to kill a first-grade classmate.

Nikki Babbit, PhD has written Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Abuse: How to Spot it, Stop It and Get Help for Your Family to offer experience and hope to parents who are faced with the possibility that their adolescent may be a substance abuser. She has experienced family alcoholism and recovery as both a daughter and a parent. As the director of a treatment program for adolescent addicts and alcoholics for 15 years, Babbit provides parents, family members and professionals with information on how to:

  • Spot the signs of abuse in a teenager
  • Overcome family confusion, denial and excuses to get adolescents the help they need
  • Find allies in the community
  • Select quality assessment/treatment facilities
  • Take care of themselves during this trying time
Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Abuse is the only book on the market that provides up-to-date interviews on the topic from teen addicts/alcoholics, parents, teachers, school counselors, therapists, juvenile court professionals and treatment counselors. Identifying the problem is often the greatest hurdle for parents to overcome. Babbit offers guidance on what parents can do about the problem and how to improve their lives even if the abuse continues.

About the Author

Nikki Babbit, PhD has spent the last 35 years working with adolescents and families, first as a high school teacher and then as a school psychologist and adolescent and family therapist working in schools, psychiatric wards and public health clinics. In 1989, she traveled to the Soviet Union to help begin AA and Al-Anon. Her personal family experiences with alcoholism and addiction and her past 20 years of working in a highly successful drug/alcohol treatment program for adolescents and their families in Cleveland, Ohio, give her a unique, informed perspective. She is also the author of the booklet Is My Child Chemically Dependent? (Community Intervention Press, 1988).

Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Abuse: How to Spot It, Stop It, and Get Help for Your Family
by Nikki Babbit
$17.95, 304 pages, paperback
ISBN: 1-56592-755-9

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