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September, 1998

by Musa Mayer

An estimated two million Americans alive today have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Each one of them lives with the fear of recurrence, and for good reason... for at least a third of women diagnosed with breast cancer the disease will eventually spread.

When this happens, most people assume it means an immediate death sentence. The reality is often different, according to Advanced Breast Cancer: A Guide to Living with Metastatic Disease, by Musa Mayer. Newly revised and updated, this is the only book on breast cancer that deals honestly with the realities of metastatic disease, yet offers hope and comfort.

  • Breast cancer, even when it has metastasized, remains among the most treatable of all advanced cancers.

  • 25-35% of patients live with metastatic breast cancer for five years or more.
All aspects of dealing with the disease are covered, including: coping with the shock of recurrence; seeking information and making treatment decisions; communicating effectively with medical personnel; managing pain and symptoms of disease progression, as well as treatment side effects; getting emotional support from other patients, friends and family; finding new ways to discover meaning in the midst of adversity; and handling disease progression and end-of-life issues.

This book, formerly published as Holding Tight, Letting Go: Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, offers the unique blend of medical background, emotional support, and practical information, along with stories of forty women and men who have lived with this disease, and their husbands and partners. A comprehensive guide, it also provides updated resources and treatment developments, including novel formulations of conventional drugs, as well as the latest targeted biological and gene therapies being developed in cancer research labs today.

Advanced Breast Cancer: A Guide to Living with Metastatic Disease remains the only book on the market to offer authoritative information and hope as it empowers those who live with the challenges of metastatic disease.

About the Author:

Musa Mayer has been actively involved with the breast cancer community for many years. A breast cancer survivor, therapist, and author of two memoirs, Musa leads writing workshops for people with life-threatening illnesses, speaks on related subjects, and is a long-time participant on the Internet's breast cancer discussion list. She lives in New York City with her husband Tom, a neuropsychologist who works with head-injured people.

Advanced Breast Cancer: A Guide to Living with Metastatic Disease
by Musa Mayer
$19.95, paper
ISBN: 0-56592-411-8
Publication Date: October, 1998

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