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March 2001

Cancer Bibliography Available Online: Best Books from All Publishers

SEBASTOPOL, CA -- A new Cancer Bibliography: The Best Books on Cancer has been published by Patient-Centered Guides. This resource for librarians, oncology nurses, patients and their families features 110 of the best books from all publishers.

ACOR, the Association of Cancer Online Resources, is featuring an online edition of the bibliography.

Editor Linda Lamb states, "We recommend a short list of both disease-specific and general cancer books as starting points for patients or for librarians stocking a family resource center.

"Although many online health sites might point to a few books, the lists are usually pretty spotty. Sometimes patients are recommending their own favorites, which may be idiosyncratic. We wanted to get a balanced, annotated list that covered the whole field.

"Knowing where to start looking for information can be a godsend to families trying frantically to make sense of diagnosis or to choose a treatment option. We operated on the principle of 'less is more' in winnowing down our list to a manageable number."

The bibliography was compiled by editors of Patient-Centered Guides from their own reading and the assistance of authors in the area of cancer. They also consulted reviews of cancer books from recent years, including those in periodicals such as Library Journal and at nonprofit web sites such as the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center's OncoLink web site. Candace Ford, director of Planetree Health Library in San Jose, and respected consultant on starting and operating consumer health libraries, also contributed to the selections and descriptions.

About Patient-Centered Guides

Patient-Centered Guides is a leading US publisher of health and medical content. The series began with two books on cancer topics. Today, it publishes in-depth information on specific cancers such as non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, as well as more general cancer topics, such as cancer clinical trials and late effects of childhood cancer treatments.

Books from all publishers are included in the bibliography, including several Patient-Centered Guides.

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