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July, 1998

Relationship Under Fire!

SEBASTOPOL, CA -- If you're among the millions of Americans who feel disempowered by the health care industry, you'll be happy to know that help is on the way. Working with Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve by Nancy Keene shows how to form a satisfying partnership with your doctor in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Working With Your Doctor is an education for even the most savvy healthcare consumer. It contains in-depth and practical information on how to find the right doctor, communicate clearly, ask about tests and treatments, find out about options, take action if you've been wronged, get second opinions, and deal with managed care.

This book also contains stories from both doctors and patients -- medical "frequent fliers", who share, in their own words, the lessons and strategies they have learned in their medical journeys. These first-hand accounts are a reminder that with the right tools we can maneuver through the maze of medical information and get the best care available.

"Working with Your Doctor is excellent. I read nearly all the "how to" books about medicine that I see, and I am generally disappointed. The essence of medicine and the experience of healing is in relationships - the primary relationship being the doctor, with whom we must trust not only our life, but our heart and soul. This book captures the critical human dimension - not only of patients, using their own stories and voices, but also bringing in the human dimension of physicians as well. A partnership is a relationship in evolution over time and experience with one another. Working With Your Doctor captures all of that . . . very impressively."

Dr. Linda Peeno
Chair of Ethics Committee, University of Louisville Hospital

Working with Your Doctor will help anyone become an assertive, but understanding medical care consumer. This book teaches you how to form a relationship with your doctor based on understanding and compassion.

About the Author

Nancy Keene has been involved with the medical world for over two decades, both as a caregiver and a patient. She worked for many years as a paramedic and taught both basic and advanced life support classes. Nancy has had many surgeries for a variety of ailments and from these has developed a personal philosophy of patient empowerment through knowledge and attitude. Her first book in the Patient-Centered Guide series, Childhood Leukemia: A Guide for Families, Friends, and Caregivers, was written after spending years advocating for her young daughter through acute leukemia treatment. She also is the author of Your Child in the Hospital.

Working with Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve
by Nancy Keene
380 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-273-5

About Patient-Centered Guides

Patient-Centered Guides offer good, solid, thorough information to people and their families facing the challenges of life-threatening or life-changing diseases and conditions. Each book provides a mix of medical background to help in making treatment decisions, practical information, and emotional support. With stories of people who have been there woven throughout, the books let the patients themselves decide which issues are important. Working With Your Doctor is the latest title in the Patient-Centered Guide series. Others include: Patient-Centered Guides is a division of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. O'Reilly is recognized worldwide for its definitive technical books on the Internet, programming, and UNIX, and in the U.S. for its award-winning Travelers' Tales series of travel literature.
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