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Patient-Centered Guides
July, 1998

A Guide to Optimal Independence

1.5 Million Americans are Wheelchair Users

How do people come to living life in a wheelchair? Each year, thousands of Americans suffer spinal cord trauma becoming either paraplegic or quadriplegic; another significant number are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which can quickly lead to loss of mobility requiring the use of a wheelchair. A smaller portion of people are born with conditions that relegate them to a life on wheels. Many elderly find themselves using wheelchairs on a short or long-term basis. Not to mention people of any age who may experience a temporary loss of mobility.

They all have one thing in common--they need to know how to choose a wheelchair that works for them.

Choosing a Wheelchair: A Guide for Optimal Independence, by longtime chair user and ergonomics consultant Gary Karp, is the first book to help you become an informed decision-maker. With the right wheelchair, quality of life increases dramatically and even people with severe disabilities can have a considerable degree of independence and activity. Choosing the wrong chair can be tantamount to confinement. While selecting a chair can seem overwhelming, Karp assures proper selection by covering the following topics:

  • Your role as an educated and active member in the selection process-quite often an occupational therapist and a representative from a wheelchair dealer will help you decide.

  • How to compare manufacturers

  • The wheelchair as a mobility tool and making basic choices about features and options such as power or manual, fixed frame or folding, etc.

  • Paying for the chair

  • Wheelchair maintenance

  • Wheeling techniques
Choosing a Wheelchair is a roadmap to making sense of the myriad of choices available and will very quickly narrow them down to a much more manageable number.

About the Author

In 1973 when Gary was 18 he fell out of a tree, breaking his spine in mid-back and becoming paraplegic. He has worked in the computer graphics field managing production departments, starting a desktop services division, and conducting training and presentations. In 1992, Gary developed a repetitive strain injury. After recovering, he began his own ergonomics consulting business, Onsight Technology, which offers training and individual workstation consultation to a wide range of clients in the San Francisco Bay area, where he now lives.

Choosing a Wheelchair: A Guide for Optimal Independence
by Gary Karp
$9.95, paper, 180 pages
ISBN: 1-56592-411-8
Publication Date: August 1998

About Patient-Centered Guides

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