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1/01 Home Access: Universal Design. A home should be flexible enough to handle everyone's needs, without people finding themselves trapped by obstacles or unnecessarily dependent.
1/01 Stress. Although everyone has stress, wheelchair users have some unique stresses. Here are some hints on managing them.
1/01 Psychotherapy in Rehab. Once used only for those who were thought to be having problems, psychologists now work with everyone in rehab. This is an opportunity to get support for the commitment you'll need for rehab, to ask about questions such as sexuality, and for your family to get some support.
12/00 Pain Management. Pain can be a disability, in and of itself. This article explores types of pain and how to manage it.
12/00 Home Access: Telephones, Intercoms, Home Control Systems, Alarms. Adaptation to homes includes attention to communication.
12/00 Vocational Rehabilitation. Rehab staff want to foster your opportunity to return to a previous or some other kind of job. Although there are problems with the system, knowing what to expect helps you advocate for yourself.
12/00 Employment. This article looks at the problems of unemployment and underemployment and what's being done about them now.
11/00 Social Security. Social Security offers minimum income to those unable to work. Its trial work period benefits those with good income potential. Its disincentives to work are under fierce attack by disability activists who want to reform SS.
11/00 Selecting the Best Wheelchair Cushion. The type of wheelchair you choose is significantly affected by the type of cushion you will use. This article outlines the advantages of foam, gel, air flotation, and urethane honeycomb. Excerpted from Choosing a Wheelchair: A Guide for Optimal Independence.

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