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Learning Debian GNU/Linux

Learning Debian GNU/Linux

By Bill McCarty
1st Edition September 1999
1-56592-705-2, Order Number: 7052
360 pages, $34.95 , Includes CD-ROM

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Managing the Boot Process
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D.2 Boot Disks

Even if you don't want to boot Linux from a floppy diskette, you should create and keep on hand a Linux boot floppy. If something goes wrong with your system, preventing you from booting in the normal way, you may be able to boot your system by using the floppy diskette. Then, you can diagnose and repair the problem and get back to business as usual.

D.2.1 Creating a Boot Disk

The Debian GNU/Linux install program gives you the option of creating a boot diskette when you install Linux. You should exercise this option each time you install Linux, so that you have a fresh boot disk containing software consistent with that stored on your hard drive.

However, you can easily create a boot diskette after the installation is complete. To do so, insert a blank floppy diskette into your system's floppy drive. Log on as root and issue the following command:


For kernal, substitute the name of the file that contains the kernal you want to place on the boot disk, usually vmlinuz.

D.2.2 Using a Boot Disk

Insert the boot disk into your system's floppy drive. If your system is turned off, power up your system. If your system is turned on, first shut down the active operating system in the proper manner, then restart the system. Linux should then boot from the floppy diskette.

To use your boot disk, your system's CMOS must be configured to allow booting from the floppy drive. If your system boots from its hard drive even when the boot floppy is present, you must change your system's CMOS configuration. The relevant option is generally named Boot Sequence, Boot Order, or something similar. The value you want is generally labeled A:,C: or something similar. Consult your system's documentation for further information.

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