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Learning Debian GNU/Linux

Learning Debian GNU/Linux

By Bill McCarty
1st Edition September 1999
1-56592-705-2, Order Number: 7052
360 pages, $34.95 , Includes CD-ROM

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I owe my editor, Mark Stone, a huge debt (non-monetary, I hope) for his help in carrying this book through to completion. From the initial outline to the last editorial query, Mark's suggestions and assistance were indispensable. Thanks, Mark.

Katie Gardner helped me understand O'Reilly's authorship process, steered me clear of obstacles, and fixed many dumb mistakes without chiding me about them. Thanks, Katie.

Thanks also to Margot Maley of Waterside Productions, Inc., who brought this authorship opportunity to my attention.

Several reviewers, some working for O'Reilly & Associates and some working elsewhere, commented on the manuscript and suggested helpful corrections and improvements. In particular, members of the Debian team, especially Joey Hess, provided thorough comments on a tight schedule. I greatly appreciate their assistance and readily confess that any errors in the manuscript were added by me after their reviews, and so are entirely my responsibility.

My family - Jennifer, Patrick, and Sara - provided compassion and assistance during this latest authorship experience. Their efforts are worthy of special note, because we sold two houses and purchased a new one during the preparation of this book. They generously undertook more than their share of work on our turn of the (21st) century home, so that I could focus on writing. Thanks, guys.

I also acknowledge the love, concern, and support of my savior, Jesus Christ. His perfect love is entirely undeserved.

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