Back-End Java Development

A Curated Collection of Chapters from the O'Reilly Programming and Data Libraries

Back-End Java Development

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These curated chapters from bestselling O'Reilly books represent the most widely used technologies for developing server-side applications in Java. Get started by learning about Java's basic syntax, and from there scale up your knowledge base by taking a lightning-fast tour through the ecosystem's best tools, frameworks, application servers, and database management languages. All of the leading technologies are included here--Java EE, Spring, Tomcat, Hibernate, and SQL--so back-end developers can rest assured they'll have a trusty roadmap for deeper exploration and discovery.

This free ebook contains the following chapters:

  • "Java Syntax from the Ground Up," from Java in a Nutshell
  • "Servlets," from Java EE 7 Essentials
  • "Fundamentals," from Just Spring
  • "Getting Started with Tomcat," from Tomcat: The Definitive Guide
  • "Harnessing Hibernate," from "Harnessing Hibernate
  • "Creating and Populating a Database," from Learning SQL

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