Transitioning to .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Transitioning to .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Everything in the .NET world has changed, and decidedly for the better. Not only is .NET Core now an open source framework, but thanks to Microsoft’s recent partnership with Red Hat, you can develop and run .NET web applications on Linux. In this report, author Don Schenck shows you how to create simple applications with ASP.NET, MVC, and Entity Framework, and then helps you tackle a full-featured application running in a Linux container.

If you have experience with .NET and the C# language—or a willingness to learn them—you’re ready to go. Experienced developers will be interested in the few key differences when developing for Linux, while beginning developers can use this book to learn some more advanced programming techniques.

  • Build "hello world" console and web apps, and then examine the code output
  • Create a more complex model-view-controller web app with the ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Develop a RESTful service with the same techniques and technologies used for your MVC website
  • Get acquainted with several new features in Entity Framework Core 1.0
  • Use Visual Studio Code, the free code editor that supports several languages and operating systems
  • Learn how to keep and run your code in Linux and edit it in Windows
  • Perform "offroad debugging" on .NET applications from Visual Studio

Don Schenck is the Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat, focusing on Microsoft .NET on Linux. His mission is to bring .NET developers into the Linux and open source communities. Prior to Red Hat, Don was a front-end and mobile developer.

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