Robert Kaye

Robert Kaye

Robert Kaye is the Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator and creator of MusicBrainz, the music metadata commons. Find out more about him at Mayhem & Chaos Central.

Robert is a diehard mp3/ogg/vorbis fan dedicated to improving the digital audio experience. After studying Computer Engineering at Cal Poly he joined Xing Technology where he worked on the AudioCatalyst project. At EMusic, Robert worked on FreeAmp (now Zinf) and Obsequeiuem, one of the first web based mp3 jukeboxes.

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The future of community

July 28 2011

We're at the beginning of a community renaissance, says Jono Bacon, and we're soon going to see a repeatable body of knowledge that will allow us to push communities forward. read more

OSCON: Programmer Insecurity and the Genius Myth

July 27 2009

Two of my favorite presenters, Ben Collins-Sussman and Brad Fitzpatrick, did an OSCON session on "Programmer Insecurity and the Genius Myth." Brad and Ben talked about how programmers' insecurities cause all manner of troubles in programming projects, and then presented a number of tips for how to avoid these problems.… read more

OSCON: The saga of MySQL

July 24 2009

At OSCON in 2006, I followed sessions that discussed how open source companies would fare when big corporations come in. Back then there were only a handful of examples of big companies purchasing small open source companies. Three years later, we've witnessed MySQL AB get swallowed by Sun, only to… read more

OSCON: Standing Out in the Crowd

July 24 2009

Kirrily Robert gave the first keynote speech this morning, entitled "Standing Out in the Crowd." She spoke about the gender imbalance in open source and shared her experiences working on open source projects that have a higher-than-average percentage of women participants. She laid out statistics about the current gender balance… read more

OSCON: Building Belonging (in communities)

July 23 2009

I dove right in to OSCON by attending Jono Bacon's "Building Belonging" community talk. Jono, who is the community manager for Ubuntu, started out his presentation by asking what communities can do to build and improve the sense of belonging that people have in their community. After talking a little… read more

ETech: Wrapup

March 13 2009

I've been attending ETech and the P2P conference that preceded ETech and this conference, and this year I've noticed the best gender balance ever. Granted this conference's focus has changed from the very geeky P2P and Web Services focus it started with and meandered through a host of topics to… read more

ETech: Mobile Phones Reveal the Behaviors of Places and People

March 13 2009

[Quinn managed to scoop me blogging about Tony Jebara's presentation! But after I chatted with her, we both agreed that I should continue with my blog post and see if I can augment her post a little.] Tony Jebara's presentation "Mobile Phones Reveal the Behaviors of Places and People" really… read more

Uncommon Knowledge and Open Innovation: Building a Science Commons

March 12 2009

The first session I attended today was John Wilbanks' "Uncommon Knowledge and Open Innovation: Building a Science Commons" presentation. John talked about the process of establishing the Science Commons and how creating a science oriented commons presented unique challenges. John first pointed out that Metcalfe's Law works for both networked… read more

ETech: Priorities for a Greener World: If You Could Design Anything, What Should You Do?

March 11 2009

The second session today I'd like to share with you was presented by a personal friend of mine, Jeremy Faludi. Jer started his session entitled "Priorities for a Greener World: If You Could Design Anything, What Should You Do?" by pointing out that if we want to change the world,… read more

ETech: I Just Don't Trust You: How the Tech Community Can Reinvent Risk Ratings

March 11 2009

The "I Just Don't Trust You: How the Tech Community Can Reinvent Risk Ratings" presentation posited that the system for rating credit instruments is horribly broken. Right before Lehman Brothers crashed, Moody's credit rating agency gave Lehman Brothers a AAA credit rating. Moodys immediately down-rated Lehman Brothers after they crashed… read more

OSCON day 3: Reflections on OSCON 2008

July 26 2008

Today was the last day of OSCON and I'm in the mood to think about the conference and share some of my random observations that didn't make it into any of my other blog posts. First up is a comment that Brian Aker of MySQL fame made during the "Tim… read more

OSCON day 2: Do You Believe in the Users?

July 26 2008

After enjoying Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick's comments on the anti-patterns panel yesterday, I decided to peek into their "Do You Believe in the Users?" presentation. Ben and Fitz started the presentation with "Successful software requires more than just technical effort." as their premise and then went on to build… read more

OSCON day 2: Prophet, your path out of the cloud

July 25 2008

Some of you may know Jesse Vincent as the guy who hands out snarky t-shirts like last year's "My free software runs your business" shirt. But today I got to see Jesse's more serious side when I attended his "Prophet, your path out of the cloud" presentation. He started his… read more

OSCON day 1: An Open Source Project Called "Failure:" Community Antipatterns to Know and Avoid

July 24 2008

The second session of the day that really appealed to me was "An Open Source Project Called "Failure:" Community Antipatterns to Know and Avoid". When I saw that Ben and Fitz of subversion fame were joined by other open source heavy weights, I was sold on this panel. In this… read more

OSCON day 1: Beyond REST? Building Data Services with XMPP PubSub

July 24 2008

Its good to be back in Portland for my favorite geek convention: O'Reilly's Open Source Conference. The overcast sky in Portland is making it a little easier this year to focus on the plethora of excellent speakers and sessions. The first session to really grip and and speak to me… read more

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