Allen Jones

Mercer Island, Washington

Allen Jones, Chief Architect of Maana Inc., has 25 years of international experience delivering innovative technology solutions to a diverse range of business problems in the areas of banking, oil & gas, corporate strategy, and personalization. Prior to joining Maana, Allen was at Microsoft Fuse Labs where he led the development of solutions that blend human, computational, and social intelligence to provide consumers with personalized recommendations of news, restaurants, and deals. Later Allen was Principal Program Manager for the Personal Cloud project in Bing, an incubation project with the goal of creating a global personalization platform to power next generation person-centric experiences. Prior to Microsoft, Allen co-founded QuantumBlack, a creative data science agency that merges data analytics, visualization, and strategy to help clients use data to make more timely and insightful business decision. Prior to QuantumBlack, Allen was Director of Development and Chief Architect at SmithBayes, a joint venture with McLaren F1 Racing Group that leveraged Formula 1 race strategy software to create a platform for agile strategic decision making in large enterprises. Allen has a Masters of Science (with Honors) in Software Engineering from Oxford University and has published ten books on software development.

Programming .NET Security Programming .NET Security
by Adam Freeman, Allen Jones
June 2003
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $39.99