Bruce Stewart

Bruce Stewart

Bruce Stewart received a degree in Computer Science from Sonoma State University, but started working in telecommunications while still an undergraduate. After working on several large PBX installations, Bruce went on to manage the Telecom departments for two universities. Now focused on editorial endeavors, Bruce is a freelance technology writer and editor and an active parent of two young boys. When he's not writing or building Lego projects, Bruce is the editor of O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony and sites.

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PhoneGap basics: What it is and what it can do for mobile developers

October 04 2011

Joe Bowser, the developer of the Android version of PhoneGap, on the pros and cons of developing with the PhoneGap cross-platform application framework. read more

Wearing Android on your sleeve

September 30 2011

WIMM Labs believes that wearable technology and at-a-glance moments — things like looking at a thermometer and checking the clock — can create powerful combinations. read more

Getting physical with Android, NFC and the ADK

September 26 2011

Brian Jepson and Tyler Moskowite discuss Near Field Communication, the Open Android Development Kit, and the role Android can play in hardware hacking. read more

Is your Android app getting enough sleep?

August 23 2011

Researcher Frank Maker discusses Android power consumption best practices and the risks of hogging mobile resources. read more

Mobile metrics: Like the web, but a lot harder

August 08 2011

Flurry's Sean Byrnes talks about the intricacies of mobile analytics, the metrics app developers care about most, and the problems that stem from Android fragmentation. read more

What did Microsoft get for $8.5 billion?

May 12 2011

Why would Microsoft pay so much for a company that doesn't have vastly superior technology or great financials? Here's five reasons. read more

Mobile carriers crack down on tethering

May 10 2011

The days of unlimited tethering are drawing to a close as carriers look to monetize, and manage, data access. read more

3 big challenges in location development

April 14 2011

With the goal of indexing the entire web by location, Fwix founder Darian Shirazi has had to dig in deep to location-based development issues. In this interview, Shirazi discusses challenges he sees in location and how Fwix is addressing them. read more

Open, closed, then "open," but not really

April 11 2011

Symbian, once Nokia's flagship smartphone OS, has had a rocky road recently. It looks like its on-again/off-again open source saga is finally coming to a closed ending. read more

The convergence of biometrics, location and surveillance

April 08 2011

Future applications of biometrics promise increased security and convenience, but they could also dilute our expectations of privacy. In this interview, Where 2.0 speakers Mary Haskett and Alex Kilpatrick discuss what lies ahead in the biometrics world. read more

Why Motorola may move beyond Android

March 31 2011

Motorola is reportedly developing its own web-based mobile OS, sparking speculation that the handset maker could be diversifying beyond Android. read more

4G is a moving target

March 16 2011

The "4G" mobile companies are touting isn't necessarily in line with the formal specification. The big question is: Do consumers really care? read more

Are we too reliant on GPS?

March 14 2011

A number of mistaken and intentional misuses of GPS technology have raised concerns among researches and government agencies. read more

Why location data is a mess, and what can be done about it

March 09 2011

Usage restrictions and ever-expanding datasets make location data hard to manage. In the following interview, SimpleGeo's Chris Hutchins explains how companies and developers can address the location mess. read more

Privacy law needs a reboot

February 28 2011

Electronic privacy protections worked great when mobile was a novelty and location services were confined to paper maps. But now, the ACLU's Nicole Ozer says companies and consumers need to pay heed to privacy concerns while we wait for the law to catch up. read more

Healthier living through mobile location data

January 25 2011

RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs discusses the state of mobile location technology and how he sees it evolving in the near future (hint: we may be on the verge of "thoughtful" services). read more

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