Shannon Sofield

Shannon Sofield

Shannon Sofield began working with Macromedia development tools when Macromedia acquired Future Splash. (The product evolved into what is now known as Macromedia Flash.) Since then, he has expanded his expertise to include most of the Macromedia product line. He specializes in advanced applications for Macromedia Flash 5, Generator, and, more recently, Dreamweaver UltraDev.

His company, Superfreaker Studios, is located in New York City. The company focuses mainly on creating and developing ready-made applications for Macromedia users to integrate into their own product and service offerings. Shannon's role in web development for Superfreaker covers much of the development process, including conceptualization, design, programming, implementation, and evaluation. His technical title at Superfreaker is Keeper of the Light.

Shannon has worked to provide solutions for clients such as the state of New Jersey, Xerox, Rockefeller Center, Princeton University, and National Discount Brokers. He also works in association with Motion Over Time of New York, educating and training clients in the use of Macromedia products.

In the rare event that the shores of the Atlantic receive ridable surf, Shannon can be found catching some waves at his local beach (sometimes in lieu of his programming duties).

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--Leam Hall,