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Paco Nathan

Data Science with Big Data on Clustered Computing

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Mountain View, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • Cloud Computing
  • R
  • Mesos
  • Python
  • Cascading
  • Cascalog
  • Scalding
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Big Data
  • Open Data
  • Text Analytics
  • NLP
  • PMML
  • Distributed Systems
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Paco Nathan, is known as a "player/coach" data scientist who's led innovative Data teams building large-scale apps for 10+ years. As a recognized expert in distributed systems, machine learning, and Enterprise data workflows, Paco is an O'Reilly author "Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading" and an advisor for The Data Guild in Palo Alto, CA. Paco received his BS Math Sci and MS Comp Sci degrees from Stanford University, and has 25+ years technology industry experience ranging from Bell Labs to early-stage start-ups. Newsletter and "official" web site:

Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading
by Paco Nathan
July 2013
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $27.99

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April 16 2014

Two years ago an informal group met for drinks in downtown Palo Alto: a mix of grad students, investors, and data science experts in Silicon Valley. In the back and forth of our conversation, we took turns describing planned projects. … read more

Connected Devices Fellowship - O'Reilly Solid conf

April 07 2014

I'm advising Amplify Partners and they've launched a Connected Devices Fellowship that includes conference registration, airfare, and accommodations to attend the new O’Reilly Solid conference on May 21-22 in SF. The fellowship is designed for engineers, students, researchers, et al., who are passionate about infrastructure for IoT and connected devices: read more

Newsletter Updates for April 2014

April 02 2014

If you have not seen Data Science Folk Knowledge by Krishna Sankar, that is packed full o’ gems about Machine Learning. Following up on more follow-ups from Strata SC 2014, I’d like to point to an excellent article: 5 Steps to Thinking Like a Designer in Machine Learning by Kevin Dalias: We’ve all heard the saying that… read more

Newsletter Updates for March 2014

March 02 2014

Strata SC 2014 was a busy time indeed. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to introduce speakers for several excellent presentations – in addition to presenting about Apache Mesos and meeting with many interesting people who were attending the conf. The keynotes this time were diverse, including brilliant and… read more

Newsletter Updates for December 2013

March 02 2014

Hard to believe it’s been since AMPCamp 3 in August that I’ve had a editor buffer open, collecting notes to write up… New Years Resolutions include writing a newsletter on a monthly basis! AMPCamp 3 was a big success: over 200 people attended a two-day marathon of hands-on work with the Berkeley Stack. Spark Summit doubled… read more

Newsletter Updates for January 2014

March 02 2014

A few quick updates… First, got a webcast on O’Reilly later this week: Getting Started Running Apache Spark on Apache Mesos. That will be Friday January 24, at 10am PT. Next, we have several workshops coming up: Bay Area in late Feb, DC in mid-Mar, then Boston in late Apr. The new Intro… read more

Strata SC 2014 Preview

February 07 2014

Strata SC conference is coming up next week. It's one of the busiest times of the year around here… FWIW, I was on the program committee and read/reviewed every one of the proposals. All of them!! So I wanted to share some upcoming highlights of Strata for those who will… read more

Learning Apache Mesos

January 06 2014

In the summer of 2012, Accel Partners hosted an invitation-only Big Data conference at Stanford. Ping Li stood near the exit with a checkbook, ready to invest $1MM in pitches for real-time analytics on clusters. However, real-time means many different … read more

Apache Mesos: Open Source Datacenter Computing

January 06 2014

Virtual machines (VMs) have enjoyed a long history, from IBM’s CP–40 in the late 1960s on through the rise of VMware in the late 1990s. Widespread VM use nearly became synonymous with “cloud computing” by the late 2000s: public clouds, … read more

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Webcast: Getting Started Running Apache Spark on Apache Mesos
January 24, 2014
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Webcast: Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading
September 17, 2013
In this hands-on webcast presented by Paco Nathan author of Enterprise Data Workflows with Cascading, he will discuss what defines a workflow , in contrast to notions of dataflow and the impact that has on the tools required. Overall, we're talking...