Peter Fraterdeus

Peter Fraterdeus bought a 128K Mac in October of 1984. He's very sorry to say that it was stolen some time later. He got his first e-mail account in 1985. Peter has received two National Endowment for the Arts Grants, one to study calligraphy and inscriptional letter carving in Wales (1981) and the second to pursue the development of his first digital typeface, Prospera (1985). He studied under master calligrapher Ieuan Rees in Wales and with Prof. Hermann Zapf at RIT (summer programs 1985-86). Since then, he's been designing fonts as the founder of Alphabets, Inc. (1987) (now, webmastering with Linux since 1993, writing and teaching digital typography at international conferences, and providing information architecture, typography and database design for websites through his consulting company, (formerly designonline, Inc. & He's the underpaid webpartner at a fine art rubberstamp publisher in historic Galena, Illinois (check it out! :-)