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Colleen Wheeler

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Sacramento, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe InDesign
Colleen Wheeler is the author of Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One with Deke McClelland and the Voice of Wisdom at dekeOnline. She is also the host of a weekly podcast, the Martini Hour, with aforementioned Computer Graphics Rockstar Deke McClelland, in which they sip cocktails and discuss the burning digital imaging issues of the day.

Colleen is currently trying to become a late-blooming Adobe InDesign expert, which is having the side-effect of making her a discerning consumer of software instructional material and a better, more compassionate editor. She considers herself lucky to work with smart, creative, geeky people all day, then go home to her son who shows definite signs of being all of the above.

Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One
by Deke McClelland, Colleen Wheeler
November 2009
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $35.99

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Cool O'Reilly Authors to Cover Hot Topics at Photoshop World

Photoshop World is one of my favorite conferences of the year in terms of actually sitting down in sessions and learning something. In fact, there's learning to be had all over the Hynes Center next week, much of it brought... read more

Vizualization on Visual Innovation at VizThink 2009

February 24 2009

I attended a session here at the Viz Think conference yesterday, facilitated by Eileen Clegg and O'Reilly's own Robert Schanafelt. The purpose was to collaboratively identify trends in visual innovation, and then, well, put them together in a visual way that helped display the collaboration in a functional and informative… read more

Promising Glimpse of Thursday Night's Apple Store Panel

January 06 2009

The intelligent, engaged crowd at, a fabulous old-school bookstore Book Passage in Corte Madera (Marin County) got a preview Sunday of an upcoming Macworld event. Derrick Story moderated a panel of our digital imaging experts, Lisa Snider-King (Photoshop CS4 Missing Manual), Mikkel Aaland (Photoshop Lightroom 2 Adventure) and Deke McClelland… read more

Photoshop CS4 from the Photographer's Perspective

November 03 2008

Good friend of O'Reilly and Adobe Photoshop PM Bryan O'Neil Hughes has written a guest post today on John Nack's blog, featuring all the things that are new and interesting for Photographers in Photoshop CS4 read more

CS4 Brings Some Upheaval to Familiar Photoshop Shortcuts

October 17 2008

The new shortcuts in Photoshop CS4 will bring relief to some and pain to others. John Nack explains the changes and some of the reasons behind them. read more

Adobe Announces CS4 Preview

September 17 2008

Want to know what's in store for the next version of Photoshop (or your other Creative Suite favorites)? Without a having a public beta this go around, we've been having to glean clues about what might be in store for Photoshop "Next" from a variety of sources. Next week on… read more

Photoshop World Vegas on the Horizon (and Free Expo Pass)

August 26 2008

Photoshop World returns to Las Vegas September 4-6. O'Reillians will be well represented. read more

Anchoring Comments for Editors Working in InDesign

August 19 2008

Over at, I've written about how we use anchored notes to communicate between the team members who work on our bestselling One-on-One series. As much as I like having graphically oriented authors work directly with the layout, it certainly brings up issues when it comes to editing passes. Although… read more

Get a Video "Preview" of Tim Grey's Hot New Book

July 28 2008

For years, scads of readers have been receiving digital imaging guru Tim Grey's (almost) daily email newsletter Q&A called DDQ: Digital Darkroom Questions. Each email takes on a single user-submitted question to which Tim provides one of his salient, to-the-point, trying-to-un-confuse-you answers. We've collected the best of these and published… read more

The Making of the dekePod video: 101 tips

June 24 2008

DekePod is back with an insane vengeance. Here's a behind the scenes look. read more

Leaving the House without a Memory Card: So Glad It's Not Just Me

June 20 2008

In my day job, I get to read a lot of great stuff about how to establish solid work systems that will keep you photographically prepared. So why do I show up for the final baseball game of the season without a memory card? Because apparently, it happens to the… read more

The Camera You Have With You

June 03 2008

The metadata table in Derrick's book proves it's not about the camera you have, but the one you have with you. (And knowing what to do with the one you have with you.) read more

Coming Soon: The Return of DekePod

May 05 2008

Why is this man jumping off the wall? The return of DekePod. I shot this on the set of Deke's soon-to-be-released next installment of DekePod, a podcast from our own Deke McClelland that made its first irreverent appearance a while back to great acclaim. The latest round will feature plenty… read more

Photography Webinar: Five Ways to Impact Your Photos for the Better

April 09 2008

O'Reilly Evangelist Derrick Story brings his popular teaching style to a webcast, where you'll learn five great ways to make your photos stand out. read more

Lightroom Beta Feeback Loop Begins at Photoshop World

April 07 2008

The feedback starts flying, from Orlando, Tasmania, and virtual points in between, as Adobe invites users to download the public beta of Lightroom 2.0. read more

Digital Photography Companion: It's Still a Pocket Guide at Heart

March 13 2008

Derrick's new book is still full of friendly, useful, and fun photography information, and it still comes in a portable package. read more

Using Bridge to View iDisk Contents

March 13 2008

I was pleased to actually find out I could get image previews of the contents of my iDisk folder via Adobe Bridge. read more

Deke Helps Discover New InDesign Secrets

January 15 2008

Deke McClelland joins the InDesign Secrets podcast, and the hosts help untangle some of the knots Deke encountered when creating his latest book in (and about) InDesign. read more

O'Reilly Authors plus Special Guest Rick Smolan at Macworld Event

January 15 2008

O'Reilly authors Mikkel Aaland, Harold Davis, Derrick Story and special guest Rick Smolan will have a panel discussion on digital photography at the SF Apple Store, Wednesday at 4:30. read more

Viewing Subfolder Contents in Adobe Bridge

January 08 2008

Adobe Bridge's Flatten View feature allows you to see all the contents of your subfolders in one window. Here's where to find that handy, if obscure, button in the Filter panel. read more

Beginner's Luck: First Timer's View of PhotoPlus Expo and NYC

October 22 2007

Just back from my first experience of PhotoPlus, and so glad I have been procrastinating on submitting my 2008 travel/conference budget. Now I know that this one goes to the top of the priority list. It seems everyone brings their... read more

Yes, We Still Love ACR

October 18 2007

As we get set to do the final push on Mikkel's Photoshop CS3 RAW book, this news via Adobe's John Nack is certainly timely. Although the ubiquitous Lightroom vs. Aperture debate rages on (and sometimes clouds our perception), turns out... read more

Adding a New Step to My Airport Security Choreography

September 25 2007

I just read Scott Kelby's blog post about having to remove his DSLR from his camera bag when going through airport security in Minneapolis. Got me thinking about the security line dance performance I already do and have worked hard... read more

Beginner's Luck: Customized Postcards On-the-Go with Lightroom

August 16 2007

Despite the raised eyebrows, I insisted on taking my portable 4 x 6 dye-sub printer on my trip to Ireland. You know, I never missed that fourth pair of shoes, especially when I was having fun making personalized postcards with... read more

Beginner's Luck: The Seductive Lure of Lightroom's Develop Module

August 02 2007

Did you ever sit down to diligently apply keywords to your images in Lightroom's Library module, only to be distracted by a particular shot that you just know could really be made fabulous with just a few tweaks in the... read more

The Beauty of Lightroom: the Adventure Begins

July 31 2007

At last, the Photoshop Lightroom Adventure book is here in print. We've been fighting over the copies we have here in Sebastopol. I have a feeling this is one of those books that's going to disappear off the desks of... read more

Photoshop Lightroom Adventure Book Covers Lightroom 1.1

June 27 2007

My favorite thing about the release of Lightroom 1.1? We're going to press this week with Mikkel's beautiful book, Photoshop Lightroom Adventure. And we're doing so knowing that it will be the most up-to-date Lightroom book out there. Over... read more

Beginner's Luck: Paper Matters

June 20 2007

I was helping my son make a Father's Day present this past weekend, printing out images of him and his dad playing baseball. My first instinct was to send them to Costco for printing, but it was 105 degrees... read more

Trackpad Tip for Contextual Menu on New Macs

June 13 2007

A few weeks ago, Mikkel talked about all the handy contextual (right-click) menus in Lightroom. Yesterday, when we met to do final finishing touches for the book, I showed him how the new MacBook and MacBook Pros have a... read more

O'Reilly Newsletters There for the Taking (if You Know How to Get There)

May 29 2007

One of my jobs as a book editor is to advocate for the reader, making sure the information is accessible independently of whatever inside knowledge I might already possess. So when Derrick sent out an announcement to O'Reilly team that... read more

Beginner's Luck: Useful Drag and Drop to Lightroom

May 23 2007

I love learning things in the books I'm editing that even the uber-gurus around me didn't know yet. Here's one I got to spring on Derrick, who was contemplating his new-found respect for Bridge 2.0 and wishing out loud... read more

Lightroom to Be Featured at Photoshop World's Soup2Nuts

March 29 2007

Ruth Knoll is presenting a Soup2Nuts session on Adobe Lightroom at next week’s Photoshop World. Ruth has put together a fairly amazing group of gurus for this four-hour session, including a hands-on workshop conducted Adobe Evangelist and Lightroom Iceland Adventurer, George Jardine (whose image of an Icelandic beauty will grace… read more

dekeBytes: A Tour of Photoshop CS3's New Interface

March 27 2007

So CS3 is official, and the first thing anyone familiar with Photoshop is going to notice is that the interface has changed with this version. Our own Deke McClelland, of Photoshop One-on-One fame, has graciously stopped by with some interface... read more

Fresh Fuel for Getting Started in Lightroom

March 14 2007

If you’ve just discovered Lightroom or you just haven’t had a chance to get in there and start working with it, check out the Getting Started section of Inside Lightroom (over there on the right). We’ve put a bunch of handy articles and tutorials there to help you get… read more

Tales from the Photographic Trenches

March 08 2007

Stephen Johnson checked in to say he was back from Antarctica, I went looking online to see if any photos were posted yet. (I'm partial to penguins.) But I ended up engaged by this report from the trip's organizer Michael... read more

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