Scott Bourne

Scott Bourne

Scott Bourne is widely recognized as a pioneer in the digital audio field. Bourne pioneered the use of streaming media on the internet as the founder of Netradio, the world's first internet radio network. A specialist in the use of internet business and marketing applications, Bourne has advised internet start-ups and established corporations in the use of internet technology.

He was the co-host and producer of one of the first internet radio news programs in North America, InfoBahn News broadcast on KWJZ in Minneapolis. Bourne also was the producer of LifeOnline Radio, a weekly nationally syndicated radio program about the internet.

Bourne's work with NetRadio and other internet ventures has been featured in Wired Magazine, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Internet World Magazine, Information Age, Forbes, Radio & Production magazine and 200 other national and international publications. He was recognized by Websight Magazine as one of the 100 most influential and important people on the Web in 1995 and 1996.

Bourne has appeared on national television and radio news shows and has been a contributor to numerous publications including Minnesota Corporate Report, Washington CEO, PhotoSource, NetGuide magazine, InfoNation magazine, and online at "CMP TechWeb," and "Mac DevCenter."

Bourne started his radio career in Indianapolis. In 1972 he received an FCC Class III Operator's Permit with Broadcast Endorsement and began working at WNAP. He went on to work as a news writer, traffic reporter DJ, and production coordinator at radio stations in Arkansas, Indiana, California, and Idaho. Bourne also holds the Radio Advertising Bureau designation: Certified Radio Marketing Consultant.

Bourne later started his own radio production company, 30:60 Productions. He went on to experiment with transmitting audio files over the internet before the World Wide Web existed. With the advent of the Web, RSS, and podcasting, Bourne combined his background in radio and his interest in photography to develop two popular podcasts: Aperturetricks and Photofocus magazine.

Bourne is in full pursuit of his podcasting career now, and you can check out his work at

Bourne is a graduate of the Columbia School of Broadcasting, Indiana University and the New York Institute of Photography.

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Customizing Aperture's Web Templates

February 27 2007

Aperture gives photographers a chance to make quick, easy and attractive web sites full of photos. But for some photographers, the standard choices that ship with Aperture are not enough. read more

Aperture To PictureMate Personal Photo Lab

February 20 2007

Aperture works well with every printer I've hooked up to my Mac. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this $89 portable works as well as the others. read more

Installing ICC Profiles In Aperture

February 06 2007

Step one, is to acquire the profile. If you have your own colorimeter, then you can build your own profiles. If you use a standard inkjet printer from a major company like Epson or Canon, you will receive profiles with your printer. Lastly, if you work with an outside service… read more

Color Managed Workflow From Aperture

January 30 2007

Be sure to calibrate your monitor under the lighting conditions that match the way you work. If you work (God Forbid!) under florescent ceiling lights, then calibrate under florescent ceiling lights. read more

JPEG in Aperture?

January 23 2007

With the exception of the RAW fine tuning controls, every command in Aperture that works with RAW files, also works with JPEGs. It just works faster. And of course, all the compare, select, keywording and publishing tools work with JPEGS too. read more

Projects - Aperture's Slide Sleeve

January 16 2007

If you come to understand only one thing about Aperture's approach to image management, understand this. Each master image can exist in only one Aperture project. Period. read more

The iPhone And Aperture - A Bright Future

January 09 2007

Imagine being able to call up your web portfolio or a gallery of images you've created in Aperture on your phone? Since Aperture now links its library to iPhoto, the ability to seamlessly integrate Aperture photos with iPhoto will give iPhone users the ability to show off their photos in… read more

B&W Conversion in Aperture

January 02 2007

Aperture makes it very easy to convert a color photograph into a black & white image. Open the Adjustments Inspector and choose the Monochrome Mixer (Control-M). Open the disclosure triangle. You can use the presets or make and mix your own adjustments. read more

Three Simple Aperture Tips

December 26 2006

Based on the e-mail I receive, there are some common problems in Aperture that can be easily solved with some simple tips. read more

Happy Birthday To Aperture

December 19 2006

If this were a movie plot, you'd assume Aperture was the black-hatted bad guy and that the Adobe Photoshop fanboys were wearing the white hats, riding in to save the day. read more

Aperture On The New Core 2 Duo 17" MacBookPro

December 12 2006

For those of you who have been wondering, can a MacBookPro and Aperture peacefully co-exist, in my opinion, the answer is yes. I realize that your mileage may vary. read more

Rode Podcaster Review

December 09 2006

There is a small ON light (actually it's an LED) and I appreciated getting that feedback. It let me know the mic was connected and powered via the USB port. I was really pleasantly surprised to find that this mic has a built-in headphone amp. This offers zero-latency, real-time monitoring, with… read more

A Basic Primer On Aperture Edge Sharpening

December 05 2006

One of my favorite things about this new adjustment is that it works only on luminance, not in the RGB space. Long ago I'd learned the trick of converting images in Photoshop to LAB space so I could sharpen without creating color artifacts. Now I don't have to do anything.… read more

Improving Aperture

November 28 2006

In no particular order; Five things that I think Apple could do to improve Aperture... read more

Creating Image Previews In Aperture

November 22 2006

One of the first things Aperture 1.5 users will have to decide is whether or not they want to use the new image previews read more

10,000 Images

November 14 2006

Aperture has a 10,000 image limit per project. This does NOT mean that you can't have more than 10,000 images in Aperture. Just that you need them in more than one project. If you create a folder in the... read more

Sharpening in Aperture

November 07 2006

Aperture's RAW preference pane in the Inspector allows you to adjust the amount of auto sharpen applied on import. I suggest that you keep this number as low as possible since Aperture doesn't allow selective sharpening. If your image contains large areas of sky or water or other subjects that… read more

Build A Dream MacPro Aperture Computer

November 02 2006

Pay close attention to the graphics card and RAM, and you'll end up with a superb computer for Aperture. read more

Selecting The Right Video Camera For Your Video Podcast

October 28 2006

No matter how good your camera is, no matter how pretty you are, no matter how great your script, it's the audio that will make or break your video podcast. We can suffer through bad lighting, a poorly scripted joke, an ugly background, etc. But if we can't hear or… read more

Will Home-brew, Poor Quality Podcasts Survive?

October 19 2006

I realize that there are some podcasters who feel very strongly about keeping the dream alive of an inexpensive platform, driven by social media and ready access to affordable technology. But I think that soon, (like it or not) the podcasting community may have to re-assess its opinion of what… read more

Aphex 230 - Get That Big Radio Sound For Your Podcast

October 13 2006

Executive Summary: The easiest-to-use voice processor on the market, with more bang for the buck than anything I've ever seen. The 230 is versatile, valuable and powerful and replaces a rack full of gear. It will help almost any podcaster create big voice-overs with a minimal learning curve and an… read more

The Levelator

October 07 2006

I tried the Levelator on several files and it works. It's very simple, doesn't offer any controls, and what you see is what you get. It's in BETA and may eventually need some tweaking. But I have no doubt that in its present form, it will be a very valuable… read more

Clearsonic Sorbers Reduce Audio Reflections

September 30 2006

My two favorite things about these panels are their portability and flexibility. They're easy to move around. They have a sturdy carry handle attached to the hinge and Clearsonic also sells specialized carrying cases that help protect the panels when being transported. read more

Watch A Podcast Live In The Making

September 25 2006

Along with the cast of This Week In Media I'll be recording a live podcast at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo on Saturday, September 30, from 2:45pm - 3:15pm read more

Libsyn Pro - Podcasting Grows Up

September 23 2006

Libsyn Pro allows podcasters to administer multiple RSS channels. The company says it's a perfect launch pad for professional podcasters who produce podcasts for more than one client, since the RSS channels can be delegated. Stats can be rolled into channel groupings, making it easy to generate monthly reports for… read more

The Connection Between Commercial Radio & Podcasting

September 16 2006

If you're doing something unique and compelling, and if you have a unique voice, your content will always have a place in the world. Radio isn't evil any more than podcasting will be evil when it's replaced by the next new cool thing. Content and message matter whether they're delivered… read more

Amadeus II - The $30 DAW

September 09 2006

This $30 direct-to-disk recorder offers podcasters one thing that GarageBand 3 and even Apple's Logic cannot, and that's the ability to record audio for longer than one hour and eight minutes. It supports audio files up to two GB in size. read more

A Review of iZotope Ozone 3

September 02 2006

There's plenty to love about this software. You can automate more than 150 parameters, use customizable shortcut keys, it has a great interface with lots of graphical metering, it allows you to easily create A/B comparisons, allows the use of undo and history to get to and from your favorite… read more

Picking The Right Cable For Your Podcast Studio

August 27 2006

The first rule of good cable buying is simple. Don't go cheap. Good cables cost money. Spend it. You don't always have to buy the most expensive cable at the music store, but never buy the cheapest either. read more

A Behind The Scenes Look at

August 22 2006

During the last few months, I've had the opportunity to record two titles for the folks at It was a great experience for me, and it opened my eyes to a world I had known little about. I knew Lynda, of course, from the heyday of web graphics. She… read more

Will Podcasting Kill Satellite Radio?

August 12 2006

Satellite radio may well fail. But it won't have anything to do with podcasting. More likely, the very high costs of delivery and customer acquisition in the satellite radio business will be the killer, not podcasting. read more

G-Drive External Hard Disk For Audio Production

August 04 2006

I recently set up a ProTools studio. The Digidesign documentation is very clear that ProTools sessions should not be saved to the same disk that hosts the ProTools application. So I used this opportunity to go out and buy some new external Firewire 800/400 hard disk drives. I tested the… read more

Audio Interfaces-USB-Mac Intel Laptops

July 29 2006

If you've been having trouble with an audio interface that you plugged into your new Mac Intel laptop, switch USB ports. That may solve your problem. read more

Sony PCM-D1 - a Podcaster's Review

July 26 2006

They say that there are ten reasons to buy a new piece of recording gear and the first nine are lust. Once in a while a piece of gear comes along that proves that point. I am talking about a piece of gear that will turn your head until it's… read more

Musicbed DV

July 22 2006

Overall, I found Musicbed DV to be a great tool for building podcast music. It could be used for any type of media production. And if you want to stand out in a crowded field of podcasters, this is probably a pretty good way to do it. On a scale… read more

Noise Problems

July 15 2006

I get lots of email from new podcasters. And without question, one of the main complaints I hear relates to noise. People using small digital field recorders to record their podcasts seem to have particular problems with noise. In most cases, these are simple environmental noise problems like unbalanced AC… read more

More Mic Selection Ideas

July 11 2006

There are lots of opinions about the right kind of mic for podcasting. In this post I want to cover some of the secondary factors that should go into selecting a mic. read more

Corporate/Government Podcasts, the ADA and the WRA

July 08 2006

The WRA and the ABA won't probably cause the average podcaster any concern. But what if you're creating podcasts for a government entity or large corporations that do business with the government? Do you have to close caption the podcast? Do you haev to provide a transcript? The answer very… read more

Free Drum Loops For GarageBand

July 02 2006

iZotope and Goldbaby are offering XRB Free, a set of 16 iDrum Kits and 74 Apple Loops that work in GarageBand. The free loops are part of a larger commercial product called XRB. If you like the free loops, they are available for purchase at iZotope's web store for a… read more

An Interview With Tim Bourquin - Founder Podcast Expo

June 28 2006

The 2nd Annual Podcast & Portable Media Expo brings together influential podcasters, media, corporate executives and device makers to cover business, marketing and legal issues for audio and video podcasts and portable media. read more

Pinging iTunes

June 24 2006

Every bit of research I've seen shows that iTunes is the number one podcatcher. My own shows generate about 80% of their audience via the iTunes Music Store. Unfortunately, there is often some lag time between when I upload a new show to Libsyn and when that show appears in… read more

Traits Of Successful Podcasters

June 20 2006

If you have at least seven of these traits, I'd say you're well on your way to having what it takes to be a podcaster. There might be one more I'd throw in as an afterthought...if you want to be a professional podcaster, you must be willing to constantly explain… read more

Cool Broadcast Up-Timer

June 15 2006

More than a thousand years ago when I worked as a DJ at an album-oriented-rock (AOR) station, we relied on up-timers to keep us on track with our show clock and to monitor airtime. As a podcaster, I’ve been craving just such a tool. You can buy an expensive… read more

Audio v. Data Compression

June 13 2006

I have seen a few posts on some of the podcasting forums that prove some people confuse audio v. data compression. Maybe this short post will help you learn the difference. We compress podcasts so that they can be easily downloaded over the Internet. That means we apply Data compression. Data… read more

The AKG C1000 - The Swiss Army Knife of Microphones

June 07 2006

It’s hard to imagine owning just one microphone. Different mics have different uses. Some are best at recording music, some are best for studio work, and others are the best choice for field recording. But if I had to limit myself to one affordable mic for any task, it… read more

Show Notes:

June 02 2006

If you are a podcaster, you should consider posting show notes that accompany each episode. Show notes are simply a written description of the show’s content. There are lots of reasons to create show notes. One of the best reasons is that it gives you text that search engines can see.… read more

Proximity Effect

May 30 2006

All microphones have proximity effect. This means that the closer your mouth is to the mic, the more bass frequencies it captures. If you move away from a mic, the bass diminishes. Professionals know how to use the proximity effect to their advantage. It’s almost a way of “tuning”… read more

Proximity Effect

May 30 2006

All microphones have porximity effect. This means that the closer your mouth is to the mic, the more bass frequencies it captures. If you move away from a mic, the bass diminishes. Professionals know how to use the proximity effect to their advantage. It’s almost a way of “tuning”… read more

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