Micah Walter

Micah Walter

Micah Walter is a freelance photojournalist, writer, and teacher from Washington D.C. A graduate of the photo tech program at the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York, Micah spent his first years after college working as an imaging specialist at the University of Rochester‘s Lab For Laser Energetics. He later went on to become an independent photographer when he bought his first digital camera and moved to Israel.

After spending over a year in Israel, documenting the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians for local publications and his photo agency, Micah moved back to Washington where he covered the political scene including the 911 hearings, the 2004 Presidential race, and countless press conferences. Micah also teaches courses at the U.S.D.A Graduate School in nature and digital photography.

Micah’s clients include The New York Times, Reuters, Gannett Newspapers, Bloomberg, EPA, and The Houston Chronicle, to name a few. For more information about Micah, visit his website at www.micahwalter.com.

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Outsourcing Your Crowdsourcing

I recently read an interesting post over at AUPN about a company based in New Delhi, India that is doing post-production work for photographers via FTP. The company is called Differential Technologies and you can check them out yourself at... read more

Outsourcing Your Crowdsourcing

I recently read an interesting post over at AUPN about a company based in New Delhi, India that is doing post-production work for photographers via FTP. The company is called Differential Technologies and you can check them out yourself at... read more

File and Folder Naming Presets

Aperture comes packaged with a handful of very useful file and folder naming presets. These presets come in handy anytime you are exporting images, but they can also be helpful during import or if you are in the process of... read more

Creating a Master Archive in Aperture and Lightroom - Part 2

Two weeks ago I posted the first part in a series of articles having to do with creating a master archive in both Lightroom and Aperture. If you missed the first part you can go back and read it here.... read more

What if Aperture Dies?

December 07 2007

Almost a year ago, Ben Long wrote a pretty nice article about how to move away from Aperture. He outlined a plan that would ensure that you would be able to preserve much of the work you have done in... read more

Managing Managed Files

November 25 2007

In my workflow I like to keep most of my Master images files on a network attached storage device. In fact I have my entire image library sitting on a number of USB attached hard drives that are connected... read more

Using Transmit To Backup Your Referenced Masters

November 16 2007

I’ve written in previous posts a bit about Amazon’s S3 storage service. So far I have been pretty happy with the service, however, the interface has left a little to be desired. I tried using JungleDisk and a backup program... read more

Delivering RAW?

November 09 2007

I’m in Washington D.C. right now, finishing up a two day shoot for a PR firm. The assignment was to cover a trilateral summit of the three main patent offices in the world. Everything went according to plan. Thursday evening... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom Vs. Everyone Else

November 02 2007

I was surprised to see the results of a survey conducted by Info Trends and posted on the blog of Adobe’s own John Nack. The survey, (which I wasn’t able to find at the InfoTrends website) claims that out of... read more

PhotoPLUS Expo 2007

October 26 2007

9 hours, 7 minutes, 45 seconds. I can barely contain myself. Leopard is coming out today and I have been chomping at the bit to write about it ever since I received my Developer’s Preview at Apple’s World Wide Developer... read more

Synk Adds Support for Aperture

October 12 2007

One of my favorite backup tools, Synk Professional has added in special support for Aperture users. After many requests, the developers at Synk decided to add a special clause that allows the software to backup your Aperture library incrementally. This... read more

New Aperture Pugin for Pictage Photogs

September 28 2007

Today I am very pleased and excited to announce the release of the Aperture To Pictage Plug-in. Why am I so excited about this plugin? Well, mostly because I wrote it myself! Yes, it is true, this photographer/writer is... read more

Another Reason For Referenced Masters: Multiple Libraries

September 21 2007

In a previous post I talked about using iPhoto and Aperture together by linking iPhoto images to Aperture’s preview files. What you are essentially doing with this method is creating a reference to Aperture from within iPhoto. This technique seems... read more

Relocate Your Masters Online With Amazon S3

September 14 2007

One of my favorite features in Aperture 1.5 is the ability to store my master image files anywhere I want. By using the Relocate Masters and Manage Referenced Files functions in Aperture's file menu I can easily take care of... read more

What Do You Know About Color?

September 07 2007

Aperture has a real advantage to the photographer in that you can set up your own customized work environment. Not only can you change the way Aperture’s layout is set up, you can also change your surround. If you... read more

Referenced Aperture Previews in iPhoto 7

August 31 2007

iPhoto 7 and Aperture work really well together. In iPhoto you can drag in any image from your Aperture library using the Show Aperture Library feature in the File menu. You can also add images directly from Aperture simply by... read more

It's Not The Camera - It's Not Aperture

August 24 2007

I am currently on vacation. On Wednesday, I took a ferry from my home in Dominica to Guadeloupe, a French island just to our north. The trip was really nice. We left around 8 pm and it took about two... read more

Apple is Making Me iHappy!

August 10 2007

Do you ever feel like technology is just running away from you? With the release of iLife and iWork '08 I have to say, I am a little overwhelmed! Before Aperture I had never been a big fan of... read more

Homage to a Great Machine

August 03 2007

As you may have noticed I have been a little behind on my weekly blog submission. Well, I have a pretty good excuse. In the past couple of weeks I have had some serious computer problems. The fans on... read more

How Do You Organize Your Aperture?

July 24 2007

One of the most common questions I hear Aperture users asking is "how should I organize my library?" At first Aperture seems pretty straight forward as far as organization goes. You create Projects which contain the images from a single... read more

Keywords, Keywords, and More Keywords

July 17 2007

I recently came across a cool add-on for Aperture. David Riecks, who currently chairs the SAA Imaging Technology Standards Committee, has a small but very useful product called Controlled Vocabulary. The keyword dictionary is available for Aperture users as well... read more

"The Kids Are Alright..."

June 26 2007

I am planning to construct a one day workshop for young photographers. This workshop, will take place on a small tropical island in the West Indies sometime in July, and will feature myself as a guest speaker. The cost... read more

Aperture Plugged In 2.0

June 12 2007

If you haven't already noticed, Aperture Plugged In has a new look and feel. I have been working really hard to bring a better design to the site and create a better user experience. The new site will have lots... read more

AUPN Plugged-In event at WWDC

June 06 2007

If you are going to be in the San Frnacisco area next week, and you are interested in Aperture plugins, you won't want to miss this event. AUPN and a few members of the Aperture product team will be hosting... read more

To Delete or Not to Delete, That is the Question

June 05 2007

One of my most lucrative images is also one of my most boring images. In 2004 I was assigned to shoot a hearing on Capitol Hill. The assignment was to cover a hearing of the Indian Affairs Committee. Many times... read more

Aperture and the iApps

May 29 2007

A couple of people have written me asking for more information about the interaction between Aperture and the "iApps." So, I thought I would try and explain how it all works. With Aperture 1.5 and above, you now have the... read more

Pimp Your Pimped Laptop Case with Aperture

May 22 2007

Back in March a photographer by the name of Chase Jarvis posted a how-to video on YouTube.com, where he showed off his customized laptop case for location assignments. In the video, Chase and his assistant explain an easy way to... read more

Browse Your Aperture Library Online

May 18 2007

From Aperture Plugged In: If you have been patiently waiting for a way to share your Aperture library over a network with multiple users, you'll want to check out PHPture. PHPture, created by a software developer from The Netherlands has... read more

Sharing Referenced Masters

May 15 2007

One of the more powerful features that came with Aperture 1.5 was the ability to store master image files outside of the Aperture library. By using Referenced Masters we are now able to store our Masters anywhere we would like.... read more

Robotic Hard Drives

May 08 2007

A little less than a month ago I was directed to a new product, which I think might be of use to a number of Aperture users. Billed as "The Worlds First Storage Robot" Drobo offers "Fully automated storage you... read more

Ubermind Releases ApertureToFilemaker

May 07 2007

From Aperture Plugged In: Software development company bermind has just announced a new Aperture plugin that allows the export of images to a FileMaker database. ApertureToFilemaker 1.0 boasts the following features. Support for multiple FileMaker databases Automatically creates schema and... read more

Workflow Madness

May 01 2007

While traveling to Washington DC last week I ran into a photographer friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in quite a while. After catching up we started talking about some of the writing I had been doing for Inside... read more

Revitalizing Creativity

April 24 2007

Today's post isn't going to be a tip or a trick, or even a story about how Aperture helped to improve my workflow. No, today I would like to talk about something a little more personal. I want to... read more

Pizza with Bagelturf

March 28 2007

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the blogger known as Bagelturf. Bagelturf, known more formaly as Steve Weller, runs a blog and for the past year or so has been posting some pretty interesting articles and... read more

Creating a Master Archive in Aperture and Lightroom - Part 1

March 13 2007

After spending a week comparing Aperture and Lightroom I realized something; I need to get my archive organized. Ever since I started using Aperture, about a year ago, I have been paying special attention to how I organize my work.... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: We've Only Just Begun

March 06 2007

First let me start by saying how much fun I have had on this project. I really was overwhelmed by all the comments and discussions that ensued after each post. I hope we can keep it going. So, last week... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Day 7 - River Rotations

February 26 2007

This morning I woke up to make an 8 a.m. bus ride to a couple of Dominica's waterfalls. First on the list was a nature hike along a river and up a mountain to the Sari Sari Falls. The... read more

Lightroom Vs. Aperture: Day 6 - Exporting Images

February 25 2007

Well, it has been a really nice weekend here in Dominica. Yesterday I spent some time volunteering at the Portsmouth library where I did my best to tutor some kids in math. Math was never my strongest subject, but... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Day 5 - Ready for the Web

February 24 2007

I am officially overwhelmed by the comments I have been receiving. The discussions on the last two posts have been great, and some really great points have been brought up. I hope to answer some of your questions when... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Day 4 - The World in Black and White

February 22 2007

One of my favorite added benefits of shooting in RAW format is the ability to set my camera to Black and White and still have the color information preserved. To do this, all I do (on my Canon 20D)... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Day 3 - The Develop Module

February 21 2007

The more I use Lightroom, the more I am beginning to love the program. I think I made that same statement when I first started using Aperture about a year ago. Maybe it has something to do with it... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Day 2 - The Rainbow Filter?

February 20 2007

I have never been too satisfied with the Aperture Import panel. Although I think it was well thought out in some regard, it seems to lack in others. First of all, I think they have given way too much... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Day 1 - Lightroom's Library Module

February 19 2007

Today at around 11 a.m. I headed off to photograph the local Carnival celebration in Portsmouth, Dominica. Portsmouth is the second largest city in Dominica, though it is not really a city, but more of a fishing village. I... read more

Aperture Vs. Lightroom: Let the Games Begin

February 19 2007

Well, it is early Monday morning here in the West Indies. I'm sitting here in my apartment sipping my morning coffee and waiting for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 to download. That's right! Adobe has released version 1.0 of Photoshop... read more

Special Event: Aperture Vs. Lightroom

February 15 2007

Next week is going to be an exciting one for Adobe. The long awaited release of their much talked about Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 will take place on Monday following a public beta testing period that has spanned an entire year. For many, Lightroom has already become a favorite app. Not… read more

Apple to Offer Free Aperture Workshops for Wedding and Event Photogs

February 07 2007

Apple has just announced a series of free workshops aimed at wedding and event photographers. The workshops will focus on Aperture, Apple hardware, and will feature presentations by professional photographers who are yet to be named. Each attendee will also... read more

Aperture Plugged In

January 31 2007

I am very pleased to announce Aperture Plugged In, a new website dedicated to, you guessed it, Aperture plugins! This new site is what I hope will become a meeting place for all those interested in using, developing and thinking... read more

Backing Up Aperture With Amazon’s S3

January 31 2007

In my recent article, Photo Workflow on the Road - A Hitchhiker's Guide to Aperture, I talked about a few online storage options including PhotoShelter and Digital Railroad. A few days after posting the article a reader mentioned Jungle Disk... read more

Plug-ins, Plug-ins and More Plug-ins

January 25 2007

Well, it's official, I have now been named (by more than a couple of people), "The Plug-in Guy." I never meant for this to happen, but I guess I just get way too excited when I see digital photography applications... read more

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