James Turner

James Turner

James Turner, contributing editor for oreilly.com, is a freelance journalist who has written for publications as diverse as the Christian Science Monitor, Processor, Linuxworld Magazine, Developer.com and WIRED Magazine. In addition to his shorter writing, he has also written two books on Java Web Development ("MySQL & JSP Web Applications" and "Struts: Kick Start"). He is the former Senior Editor of LinuxWorld Magazine and Senior Contributing Editor for Linux Today. He has also spent more than 25 years as a software engineer and system administrator, and currently works as a Senior Software Engineer for a company in the Boston area. His past employers have included the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Xerox AI Systems, Solbourne Computer, Interleaf, the Christian Science Monitor and contracting positions at BBN and Fidelity Investments. He is a committer on the Apache Jakarta Struts project and served as the Struts 1.1B3 release manager. He lives in a 200 year old Colonial farmhouse in Derry, NH along with his wife and son. He is an open water diver and instrument-rated private pilot, as well as an avid science fiction fan.

Developing Enterprise iOS Applications Developing Enterprise iOS Applications
by James Turner
December 2011
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Ebook: $14.99

Great Java Web Programming Great Java Web Programming
by James Turner
December 2009
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Developer Week in Review: Talking to your phone

October 21 2011

This week, we ask if Apple's Siri has more than novelty value, and decide it does. Open Office needs you (or at least your money) to stay afloat, and Google bends to developer pressure and finally adds SQL support to its cloud computing platform. read more

Developer Week in Review: HP fires up the TouchPad production line one more time

September 01 2011

The TouchPad's $99 price point proves enticing for consumers and — oddly — HP itself, James Gosling leaves Google, and a possible iPhone 5 leak bears a distinct resemblance to the iPhone 4 leak. read more

JavaFX 2.0: Making RIA with Java

July 11 2011

Jim Weaver, founder of JMentor, explains why JavaFX could become a viable contender in the Rich Internet Applications world. read more

Developer Week in Review: Oracle sends Hudson on its way

May 12 2011

Oracle casts another piece of Sun from their portfolio, Apple and Google defend themselves from big-brother accusations made by, um, Big Brother, and it turns out you probably have a pretty sweet job, after all. read more

Developer Week in Review

March 16 2011

In the latest Developer Week in Review: the iPhone fell to attackers, Twitter shunned their developers, and the Internet proved not to be as robust as one might hope. read more

Developer Week in Review

February 02 2011

Snowed in, we look at new mobile SDKs, old Microsoft employees, and really old video about the Internet. read more

Developer Week in Review

January 12 2011

This week, Unix was for sale, then it wasn't, then it was again. AT&T announced the most poorly kept secret in the history of secrets. And the tablet was all the rage at CES. read more

What lies ahead for angels and startups

November 08 2010

Conway, who will speak at the upcoming Web 2.0 Summit, recently talked to me about how he approaches investing and what he expects to see in the near-term startup environment. Our interview follows. ... read more

Developer Week in Review

October 20 2010

This week, Microsoft loses their chief architect, Apple continues to own the news cycle, the BSA tries to put the kibosh on open standards, and a well-known language reaches a milestone. read more

The iPhone: Tricorder Version 1.0?

November 18 2009

The iPhone, in addition to revolutionizing how people thought about mobile phone user interfaces, also was one of the first devices to offer a suite of sensors measuring everything from the visual environment to position to acceleration, all in a package that could fit in your shirt pocket. On December… read more

The Minds Behind Some of the Most Addictive Games Around

November 09 2009

An interview with Jason Kapalka, one of the founders and the creative director of PopCap. We discussed the evolution of PopCap, how the casual gaming industry differs from mainstream gaming, and the challenges of creating games that can be engaging, without being frustrating. read more

Snow Leopard, 10 Days In - No Major Problems, But No Rush to Upgrade Either

September 08 2009

A week ago last Friday, Apple unleashed Snow Leopard (aka OS X 10.6) on the world. So far, there haven't been many rumblings either way, although the trade press has been generally kind. We thought it might be a good idea to check in with Chris Seibold, author of the… read more

Augmenting Reality with the iPhone - Acrossair's Nearest Tube will be one of the first "Terminator Vision" applications

August 27 2009

With the release of the 3.1 iPhone OS, application developers will finally be able to develop augmented reality (AR) apps. In other words, Terminator Vision is right around the corner. I recently talked to Chetan Damani, one of the founders of Acrossair, about their new AR applications, Nearest Tube, and… read more

Jono Bacon on the Value of Good Communities

July 09 2009

Ubuntu has enjoyed fantastic success over the past few years, becoming one of the dominant Linux distributions, and the distribution of choice for netbooks. Jono Bacon's job is to make sure that that success continues, by keeping the huge Ubuntu developer community happy and productive. We caught up with Jono… read more

Patrick Collison Puts the Squeeze on Wikipedia

July 02 2009

Think about Wikipedia, what some consider the most complete general survey of human knowledge we have at the moment. Now imagine squeezing it down to fit comfortably on an 8GB iPhone. Sound daunting? Well, that's just what Patrick Collison's iPhone application does. App Store purchasers of Collison's open source application… read more

The iPhone 3Gs Debacle Switches into High Gear

June 09 2009

Dear Apple and AT&T, By this point, we of the early adopter/loyal customer community have come to expect, nay to cherish, the abuse that you rain down upon our heads. What other alliance of companies would take the bold step... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for June 1st, 2009

June 03 2009

This week, we have a chat with John Viega, co-editor of Beautiful Security, the latest book in O'Reilly's "Beautiful" series, about what makes security beautiful, as well as what steps consumers and enterprises need to take to be secure these... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for May 25th, 2009

May 26 2009

This week, we talk to Damien Stolarz, author of iPhone Hacks, about how hackable the iPhone really is. We also chat with Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene about Beautiful Teams. read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for May 4th, 2009

May 06 2009

This week, we talk to Tim O'Reilly about how Twitter has dealt with the Swine Flu panic, Make publisher Dale Dougherty about the new interest in the Maker culture, and our usual podcast quiz question.... read more

Apple Learns The Perils of Gatekeeping

May 04 2009

It hasn't been a good year for Apple's iPhone App Store. Child welfare advocates threw a fit over the notorious Baby Shaker application. App Store developers started to complain about slow payment of royalties from Apple. The ubiquity of iPhone flatulence applications became a running joke. And now comes word… read more

What I Did Over My Winter Vacation

May 02 2009

Occasionally, I get asked to do interesting projects for various publications. Recently, I've been doing some DIY endeavors for IEEE Spectrum, the monthly magazine of (yes, you guessed it) the IEEE. My most recent project (where recent means I finished... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for April 20th, 2009

April 22 2009

This week, we have an extended conversation with Googler Andy Hertzfeld about his latest Google Labs creation, the News Timeline. And, as usual, the O'Reilly Podquiz, that can win you a free O'Reilly Book.... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for April 13th, 2009

April 15 2009

This week, we have interviews from Yahoo! and MIT, both previewing talks at Where 2.0. There's also a new podquiz, this week dealing with Microsoft's poor sense of direction, literally...... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for April 6th, 2009

April 08 2009

This week, we hear from two of the speakers who will be talking at Where 2.0, one on alternative means of sensing our environment, one on telling stories through mobile devices. There's also the answer to last week's quiz, and... read more

"Mastering cat", the newest O'Reilly title

April 01 2009

We've been very hush-hush about it, but someone spilled the beans about an upcoming title in the 'Mastering' series (Mastering Perl, Mastering Regular Expressions). Evidently, an unscrupulous site hacked into our content management system and nabbed the transcript of an... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for March 29th, 2009

April 01 2009

This week, we talk to Eric Gunderson about opening up access to government data, and the mashups you can create once you do. Editor Andy Oram discusses what open Cloud Computing might look like. And, of course, we have last... read more

Brian Aker: What Would an IBM Buyout of Sun Mean for MySQL?

March 26 2009

MySQL has had a long and sometimes strange journey from an independent database project to being commercialized; then brought to Sun and now possibly moving to a new home again. Brian Aker is the director of technology for MySQL with Sun Microsystems and probably is familiar as anyone with the… read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for March 23rd, 2009

March 25 2009

This week's podcast features a chat with Brady Forrest, who organizes conferences for O'Reilly, about the upcoming Where conference, and what's happening with geo-aware technology in general. Brian Aker, MySQL guy for Sun, talks about the possibility of MySQL becoming... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for March 16th, 2009

March 18 2009

This week's roundup include discussion of the Sun/IBM rumors, the future of newspapers, Microsoft and Science Commons teaming up, and the weekly podcast quiz.... read more

Microsoft and Science Commons Team Up To Add Semantic Content to Online Science

March 11 2009

John Wilbanks, VP of Science for Creative Commons, gave O'Reilly Media an exclusive sneak preview of a joint announcement that they will be making with Microsoft later today at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. According to John, who talked to us shortly after getting off a plane from Brazil, Microsoft… read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for March 9nd, 2009

March 10 2009

This week's show features a followup with Andrew 'bunnie' Huang about factory conditions in China, the O'Reilly editors talk about jailbreaking iPhones, and this week's podquiz, your chance to win a free O'Reilly book.... read more

Kindle for the iPhone, a first quick look

March 04 2009

Out of curiosity, I installed the Kindle iPhone app this morning to poke around with it, and see what a "premium" book reader for the iPhone would be like. It's no surprise that the iPhone screen is a suboptimal display... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for March 2nd, 2009

March 04 2009

This time around on Week in Review, the Gang of Editors discusses the shrinking IT salary landscape, we hear an excerpt of an interview about the Terry Childs cybercrime case, and there's a new chance to score a free book... read more

An Open Letter to Roy Blunt, Jr. on the Occasion of Him Speaking Like an Idiot

February 25 2009

The author Roy Blunt, Jr., just took to the pages of the New York Times, arguing that the audio capabilities of the Kindle violates his intellectual property rights. My resonse.... Dear Mr. Blunt, I've been a long-time fan of yours,... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for February 23rd, 2009

February 25 2009

This week, the O'Reilly editors discuss how the new stimulus package may effect the alternative energy industry, we hear an excerpt of an interview with virologist Dr. Nathan Wolfe, and get a new patent-related podquiz question to puzzle over.... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for February 16th, 2009

February 17 2009

This week's podcast includes a roundtable discussion by the editors of Microsoft's new retail initiative, excerpts of an interview with Andrew "bunnie" Huang about product design in China, as well as the weekly podquiz, your chance to score a free... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for February 9th, 2009

February 11 2009

This week's podcast features a round table discussion by some of the O'Reilly editors of how the Obama administration is making use of the Internet, an excerpt of an interview with LCD display maven Mary Lou Jepsen, and the weekly... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for February 2nd, 2009

February 04 2009

This week's podcast features tip on using Mercurial, an update from Matthew Russell on his Building Community book, the answer to last week's quiz and a fresh new FSF-related quiz question.... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for January 26, 2009

January 28 2009

This week's podcast has excerpts from interviews with Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Linux Device Driver Guru Greg-Kroah Hartman. There's also a audio tour of the O'Reilly web site, and a new podquiz that can score you a book from... read more

The Best Webcomics You're Not Reading

January 22 2009

At the Arisia Science Fiction Convention last weekend, I moderated a panel with SF Writer Lawrence Watt-Evans and comics fan Israel Peskowitz. We spent 45 minutes reeling off a list of the webcomics that we love, past and present. In no particular order (ok, in alphabetical order...), here's the list… read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for January 19, 2009

January 21 2009

This week's podcast has interviews with SF writers William Hunt and Lawrence Watt Evans, commentary on the technological thrust of the new Obama administration, and the weekly quiz.... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for January 12, 2008

January 14 2009

This week's Podcast has tech tips from two O'Reilly authors. You'll learn about a nifty replacement for 'grep', and how to keep Wordpress up to date using Subversion. There's also a new quiz, your chance to win a free O'Reilly... read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for Jan 5th, 2009

January 06 2009

This week's podcast has a commentary from editor Kurt Cagle on the potential opportunities that this year could bring, a conversation with Tim O'Reilly about ways the SEC could leverage search technology, the answer to last week's quiz and a... read more

My 2009 Resolution: Learn IPv6

January 04 2009

In which the author recounts his adventures getting an IPv6 tunnel hooked up to his home network. read more

O'Reilly Week in Review for December 22, 2008

December 23 2008

This week's podcast looks back at an interview we ran with physics rapper Katherine McAlpline in the fall, as well as announcing our first podcast quiz winner, and the new quiz question, that can win you your choice of any in print O'Reilly book. read more

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January 11, 2011
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Webcast: Open Source Language Roundtable
July 22, 2009
We all have our favorite languages in our tool-belt, but is there a best overall language? If anyone can hash that out, it will be the members of this roundtable discussion, some of the stars of the open source language space.

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In this webcast, you'll learn about a basic checklist of things to get organized so that your product launch goes smoothly, drawn from the upcoming book Developing Enterprise iOS Applications.