Eric Larson

Eric Larson

Hailing from the vast expanses of Texas, Eric Larson spends his days creating RESTful web services with Python and Ruby. He is a lead developer for the RESTful CMS Bright Content, in addition to being a contributor to the Amara and Akara XML/RDF libraries. Some say Eric also mentions AtomPub all too often in technical discussions. Outside of technology, Eric plays the bass in the indie rock band Ume, where he becomes something of a Luddite in favor of the sounds of analog compression and feedback.

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Conkeror: The Best Web Browser (For Emacs Users)

March 31 2010

The Conkeror web browser presents a familiar model for Emacs users as well as provides an interesting take on what the future of the web browser might be. The web is an application platform and Conkeror makes that platform highly customizable while adhering to the core concepts of the web… read more

Losing the Radio and Streaming Content

March 23 2010

Today we lost WOXY. It has happened before, so I personally haven't lost hope that WOXY will return. Nonetheless, the news is rather sad. What is also sad is that it represents a larger loss of streaming content. I don't... read more

PyCon 2009 and Looking to WSGI 2.0

March 30 2009

I just returned from PyCon in Chicago. During the conference open spaces there was an open space discussing potential changes for WSGI. The three basic ideas were: Return a tuple with the status, headers, and response instead using the start... read more

A Couple Notes on SXSW (2009)

March 17 2009

As a native Austinite and a musician, I have a the opportunity to enjoy SXSW and sleep in my own bed. It is a pretty amazing event to be a part of as it effectively takes over the entire city... read more

February 25 2009

We released a new EP. One of the stark differences between this release and an earlier album was the introduction of social media.Personally, I've always been something of a luddite when it comes to social networking sites. I remembered Make... read more

Concept Management

January 30 2009

Distributed version control systems have brought up some pretty important questions. A DVCS adds a good deal of complexity to an already complicated system. Source control is rather sticky business as it not only deals with complex content, but the... read more

Learning Haskell

January 05 2009

I've started reading Real World Haskell and it is a great way to learn functional programming. Coming from XSLT (a rather functional language) I had a feeling of preparedness. Fortunately, Real World Haskell has revealed a huge gap in my... read more

The Beatles of Programming Languages

December 18 2008

As a musician and a programmer, I'm constantly drawing relationships between the two activities. My wife, who I play music with, has been the recipient of the the vast majority of these comparisons and asked me the other day, "Is... read more

Where are the XML Editors?

November 25 2008

Recently at my job I've had to spend a good portion of time working with a set of languages we created from scratch. It is interesting to think in terms of lexers and parsers, but I've hit the point where... read more

Managing Open Source Complexity

November 20 2008

Sean McGrath wrote a great article on the struggle for Open Source to manage complexity. It's a great insight because much of programming is managing complexity. This requirement has fostered "high level" languages and continues to be powerful concept that... read more

Google is the Next Microsoft

November 16 2008

I'm going to ahead and say it, Google is the next Microsoft. Microsoft played a very important role in changing the way the world thought of computers by helping to place a computer in practically everyone's reach. Google has effectively... read more

The Perfect Cloud

October 28 2008

Tim posted about the shape of the could and makes an excellent point regarding the barrier to entry. The essence is that we haven't quite found the sweet spot for deploying apps to the could. This is very true in... read more

What is Great About the Web

October 20 2008

I'm not sure many people really understand what is truly great about the Web and why it works. Most developers see the web as a technology platform and nothing more. HTML, JavaScript and CSS are simply tools that must be... read more

Python Multi-Process WSGI Server: Spawning 0.7

September 23 2008

Ben pointed out Spawning the other day in IRC. It seems like a relatively new project, but it looks promising. My understanding is it uses the multiprocessing module that will be included in Python 3.0 in order to allow the... read more

Dancing with Many Languages

September 05 2008

A friend of mine pointed out Disco, a map-reduce framework written in Erlang and using Python for writing the actual map and reduction functions. I haven't tried it just yet, but the concept is interesting in that it uses both... read more

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