Brian Redfern

I've always been most interested in the "fun" part of computing. Instead of going for the typical BSCS, I went to CalArts and wrote my thesis project in Java (while all my classmates used the more standard English language). I was first exposed to XML in 1998 when we had a meeting about the new standard while working at Geocities. Now I am interested in all the fun applications of XML, RSS feeds to share podcasts and other media, using Inkspace or Yafray to create art in XML. Despite the format wars, XML makes the Web more fun!

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Itunes get liberated

January 06 2009

Its a great day for musicians! read more

The Weather Channel on the Gphone

November 10 2008

The Weather Channel app, which was a free download for my tmobile gphone, is a great example of what can be done with the platform. You have a combination of a software that detects your location and then can give... read more

First Impressions of My New Android Phone

October 23 2008

I got myself an ipod touch a while back, but I avoided the iphone. I didn't like dealing with ATT, and am glad I waited. The android isn't the same as the iphone. Its got a different philosophy behind it.... read more

Is Linux the New Unix?

September 24 2008

Some people are predicting the death of Solaris. As a multimedia, client-side guy, I find Solaris to be pretty uninteresting, I find Ubuntu's attempt to compete with Mac osx more compelling. Solaris used to be a huge player on the... read more

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