Erik Wilde

Erik Wilde

Erik works in UC Berkeley's School of Information where he teaches Web Architecture and XML Technology courses. He has been working with XML since its invention, and is mainly interested in anything related to XML documents and the models they represent, which means schema languages, transformations, Web services, and query languages. His second major field of interest is Web Architecture and how to use it to build open information systems. The main application areas he is currently looking at are mobile Web and location, and e-learning and Open Content.

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Document Design Matters

October 02 2008

The classical approach to the data aspect of system design distinguishes conceptual, logical, and physical models. Models of each type or level are governed by metamodels that specify the kinds of concepts and constraints that can be used by each model; in most cases metamodels are accompanied by languages for… read more


September 26 2008 has been around for a long time now, and for a most of that time was considered to be one of the best information sources about XML technologies. It published articles and news and was very focused on people... read more

Binary XML (EXI) Last Call

September 22 2008

On September 19, the W3C published the Last Call Working Draft for Efficient XML Interchange (EXI). Like many other XML technologies, it is not really about XML, it is about an efficient binary representation for Infosets, which are the data... read more

The Elements of XML Style

September 19 2008

Recently, I have been approached to consider writing a small book to be called The Elements of XML Style. My initial reaction was that I liked the title and my personal interpretation of it. My idea is that a book... read more

Poor Man's XQuery Update

September 12 2008

The IETF just published RFC 5261, an XML patch update framework. It's not a complete diff utility for XML, but it's somewhere between the obsolete XUpdate and the complex XQuery Update Facility. read more

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