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Dan Brodnitz

Dan Brodnitz interviews artists about their creative process at about-creativity.com.

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Chris Baty on Hobbies, Work, and the Creative Life

January 05 2009

This year I took a crack at November's National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo). Didn't get as far as I'd like, I'll admit. But even my little trek was a great reminder of the importance of making something every day. One of the many perks of the NaNoWriMo experience are… read more

A Creativity Interview with Novelist Dana Reinhardt

December 16 2008

For the last year or two I've been interviewing artists about their creative process. A new interview went up this week, with young-adult novelist Dana Reinhardt, and I thought I'd post an abridged version here, including questions about her writing routine, how she pushes through when she isn't not feeling… read more

Creativity and the Creature Editor: An Interview with Spore's Dan Moskowitz

October 20 2008

Will Wright's Spore features an unusually rich content-creation and content-sharing component that encourages players to design game creatures, vehicles, and buildings, and then share those art assets around the Spore-o-sphere — unleashing their beasties into other player's games. I was curious what the people behind the game's Creature Editor had… read more

An Interview with The Sound of Young America's Jesse Thorn

September 16 2008

27-year-old Jesse Thorn is a radio show host, a podcast producer, and one of the leading proponents of The New Sincerity. Next summer, he'll be leaping into all-new-terrain by launching MaximumFunCon, a unique weekend event that's sort of a vacation, entertainment, education smoothie. Attendees of MaxFunCon ("a gathering of creative… read more

A Creativity Category Is Born

September 15 2008

You may have noticed we've done a modest amount of redecorating of late. Up there, over my right shoulder where we keep the categories, "Design" has been replaced with "Creativity." This new section still houses all of our blog posts and features aimed at graphic designers, including Deke McClelland's every… read more

An Interview with toonlet.com's Craig Schwartz

September 08 2008

Portland-based toonlet.com is dedicated to making cartoon-creation easy. Launched in December 2007, 10,000 toons have been created so far, with just shy of 2 million comic views around the world. As a test of toonlet’s system, I logged on recently to make a quick sample. In all of 10 minutes,… read more

Dr. Horrible and the Future of Entertainment

July 16 2008

Last night, Joss Whedon of Firefly and Buffy the Vampire fame began releasing Dr. Horrible. Independently produced on a budget in the low 6 figures, with a recognizable cast that includes Neil "Doogie" Patrick Harris and Firefly's Nathan Fillion, this show has the feel of a tipping point. Certainly, they've… read more

Something Old, Something New

July 09 2008

Hi, My name's Dan and I'm the publisher for the Digital Media division here at O'Reilly. I'll be dropping by to join the conversation here and there, particularly on items related to that interesting point where creativity and technology meet and do a dance. Lately I've been thinking of the… read more

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