Luke S. Crawford

Luke S. Crawford has been working with virtualization since before it was cool, selling virtual servers based on FreeBSD jails before diving headfirst into Xen. He is currently a Xen consultant, working on corporate server consolidation in a Fortune 100 corporate environment and works on a Xen hosting venture at

The Book of Xen The Book of Xen (No Starch)
by Luke S. Crawford, Chris Takemura
October 2009
Print: $49.95
Ebook: $39.95

"This is definitely the book to keep on your shelf if you require tips and tricks for setting up your own VPS hosting service."
--Chris Lockfort, Computer Science House

"This is definitely the book to keep on your shelf..."
--Chris Lockfort, Clockfort's Tech Blog

"All-in-all, a very useful book and, for such a deep tech topic, one that is actually readable. Highly recommended. "
--Mark Gibbs, Network World

"With plenty of troubleshooting tips, Chris Takemura & Luke S. Crawford prove their expertise by giving the complete and comprehensive instruction manual that the program does not have."
--James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review: Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Anyone contemplating the use of Xen would benefit from this practical and complete guide."
--Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

" excellent resource for learning about Xen virtualization. "
--Steve Suehring,