Gene McCullagh

Gene McCullagh

Gene McCullagh is an Adobe Community Professional and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and InDesign. He writes on Lightroom Secrets, and is a manager of the Dallas Fort Worth Adobe User Group and a moderator for Adobe Lightroom Community Help and Adobe User Forum for Lightroom. Gene can also be found helping out over at . You can follow Gene on Twitter under the handle @LRSecrets.

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Lost? Try Using A Map!

July 04 2011

As photographers we tend to be visual people. When we get stuck creatively we try to jump-start our idea engine. Looking at other photographers' work is one way. Brainstorming and making a list of ideas can be another. But lists of ideas may not be what you are looking for.… read more

Make 2011 A Lightroom Year!

January 20 2011

The decorations are all put away. The fog of the New Year's Eve party has lifted. Life has returned to something resembling a normal schedule. 2011 is now with us and poised to be a great year for you. That is, if you choose to make it a great year.… read more

As Simple As It Gets!

October 06 2010

There's a new kid on the photo-sharing block. Say hello to Yogile. (Luckily for me this isn't a podcast because I have no idea how to pronounce Yogile.) If you thought it was easy to share photos before... you won't believe how easy it is now! This is one of… read more

Import - Where It All Begins

July 05 2010

It's been a long ride full of adventure and discovery from Lightroom 3 Beta through Lightroom 3 Beta 2 to Lightroom 3. Along the way we all made suggestions and requests. Adobe listened. If one of your suggestions didn't make it into this version don't worry. This won't be the… read more

Going Against The Grain

July 03 2010

There was a time when film grain was a problem for some photographers. That concern translated into a concern with digital noise. Many words have been written on the techniques in many applications to remove or lessen digital noise or grain in modern images. Some even seek to find ways… read more

A Catalog In The Cloud

May 03 2010

We all know that Lightroom is not yet a net-workable application. While we can point our catalog to images on a network accessible drive we cannot put our catalog on a network drive. This presents a problem to those of... read more

Lightroom Gets The Red Out!

March 06 2010

Aside from Halloween shots those glowing red eyes in images don't belong. Of course, the best way to deal with red-eye is to avoid it altogether. So how does it happen? When the light from your flash enters your subject's eyes it bounces back from the retina. The retina is… read more

Organizing Your Images

January 25 2010

In this age of digital media it is even more critical that we keep track of our digital assets. Lightroom has many features to help you organize your images. The best website I can recommend to you to delve deeply into industry standard organization practice is from the American… read more

10 Suggestions for 2010

December 31 2009

Can you believe it? 2009 is nearly over! Where does the time go? Are you satisfied with your photography this year? Do you have photographic plans for 2010? Lightroom is an excellent program but it still needs you to feed it images. If you find yourself in a creative slump… read more

Review: LRKeys

October 04 2009

Lightroom has its first iPhone application! LRKeys from Baum Computer and Graphics helps you learn the many keyboard shortcuts Lightroom provides in order to make your workflow more efficient. read more

Stealing Presets

June 27 2009

Last week, Matt Kloskowski on his blog Lightroom Killer Tips (which, by the way, is an excellent Lightroom resource. If you haven't been there yet ... What are you waiting for?) posted an article Is it wrong to steal Lightroom presets? discussing the ethics/legality/morality of copying someone else's presets and… read more

Virtual Copies and the Develop Module in Lightroom

May 11 2009

There is an interesting, but sometimes confusing, issue when you create a virtual copy while you are working in the Develop module. Here's the scenario: You are working on an image and before you travel down an alternate creative path you decide to make a virtual copy before proceeding. So… read more

Moving Your Images From iPhoto to Lightroom

March 05 2009

Earlier versions of Apple's iPhoto stored its library information in a regular folder structure. Around version 7 Apple changed that approach and iPhoto began hiding its folder structure inside a package file. While this makes the applications presence on the drive neater and theoretically more portable, it does hide the… read more

Lightroom Catalog Settings

February 07 2009

As we've seen, there are many preferences that can be adjusted in Lightroom to make it work the way you like. But that's not all! Each catalog has its own settings to allow you to further customize your Lightroom experience! Let's take a look at Catalog Settings. read more

Lightroom Preferences - Part 2

February 07 2009

In Part 1 we took a look at the options available on the first three tabs of the Preferences dialog. In Part 2 we'll tackle the remaining three tabs. So let's get started! read more

Lightroom Preferences - Part 1

February 07 2009

Setting preferences in Lightroom. read more

Lightroom 2.3 Release Candidate is Available

January 25 2009

Lightroom 2.3 Release Candidate is now available at Adobe Labs! Go to for more information and to download the files. read more

Refine Photos

January 06 2009

Workflow is a personal thing. There is no right or wrong workflow. Oh yes, there are more efficient and less efficient workflows. But if a more efficient workflow just doesn't fit the way you approach your art, well then, it won't be so efficient! Therein lies one of Lightroom's real… read more

Take Another Look at Collections

January 04 2009

Collections were a great idea in version 1 of Lightroom. It was so good, in fact, that Adobe decided to expand collections in Lightroom 2. Now you can access your collections in all of the modules via the Collections panel that appears in the left panel set in every module.… read more

Hand Color Old Photos

January 01 2009

The introduction of localized adjustments via the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom 2 is just beginning to reveal many creative uses. One possibility that may not be readily apparent is the ability to colorize or hand paint old black and white photos. We've all seen many Photoshop tutorials on how to… read more

Review and Resolve

December 31 2008

Well, it's hard to believe that 2008 is coming to a close and 2009 is just over the next hill! Now is the time of year we all start thinking about what went on this past year and planning on what we'll do to make the new year better. Don't… read more

Speed Up Your Keywording Using Sets

December 19 2008

Tucked away in the keyword panel is a section called Keyword Set. There is another workflow enhancement built into Lightroom here. The sooner you get some basic keywords on an image the better off you'll be later. If you get in the habit of adding keywords early on you'll be… read more

Just Add a Touch of Synonym!

December 15 2008

Keywords in Lightroom are at the very foundation of organizing your images. If you ever want to find those images again you had better add some keywords now! Of course, as your collection of images grows, so does your list of keywords. In a previous article I talked about using… read more

Building Keyword Lists Outside of Lightroom

December 12 2008

One of the most powerful and useful features of Lightroom is its keyword capability. Not only can you create a useful set of keywords but Lightroom allows you to put those keywords into a hierarchical structure. This adds a further level of organization to your keywords. Instead of scrolling through… read more

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