Gene McCullagh

Gene McCullagh

Gene McCullagh is an Adobe Community Professional and an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and InDesign. He writes on Lightroom Secrets, and is a manager of the Dallas Fort Worth Adobe User Group and a moderator for Adobe Lightroom Community Help and Adobe User Forum for Lightroom. Gene can also be found helping out over at . You can follow Gene on Twitter under the handle @LRSecrets.

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Turning Lead Into Gold

October 15 2012

The longer you use Lightroom the more older images you see as you browse through your Catalog. You may not notice them much or bother to critique your post-processing prowess from days gone by but I'll bet there are some images that could use another look. read more

Geotag Photos Pro

July 21 2012

A lot of great things have been piling up that I want to tell you about. The first is a great app from the folks at TappyTapps called Geotag Photos Pro. Lightroom 4 has a new Map module which let's you geotag your images. If your camera doesn't capture the… read more

You Registered Your Copy, Right?

October 13 2011

As photographers we can easily fall into the deep well of creative pursuits and forget about the practical side to creating images. While the rights to your image are set the moment you press the shutter release, proving that is another matter. And that is where the value of registering… read more

Lightroom Brush Buildup

October 11 2011

Adjustment brushes are a really nice feature in Lightroom. Since they made their appearance localized adjustments became easy within Lightroom and I have found less of a reason to roundtrip images to Photoshop for these kinds of edits. A few months ago we took an in-depth look at the adjustment… read more

Stacking Presets in Lightroom

October 07 2011

This is a topic that has been covered more than once on quite a few sites. However, it never hurts to review some fundamentals in Lightroom since there are new users everyday! I received two emails last week with virtually the same question about Develop presets. Both readers were having… read more

A Scoop of DNG With Your PIE

October 03 2011

Every camera manufacturer has its own way of storing the raw data that comes from the sensor. Several manufacturers even develop different formats for different cameras (or create a new format and abandon an older one). It sometimes seems that each new model introduces some wrinkle into the manufacturer's raw… read more

Raw Resource

August 28 2011

So you're having some problems opening your raw files? Don't worry. It happens every now and then. Especially if you have one of those fancy new cameras that just hit the stores yesterday! The problem is that new cameras often bring with them new proprietary raw file formats. read more

Lost? Try Using A Map!

July 04 2011

As photographers we tend to be visual people. When we get stuck creatively we try to jump-start our idea engine. Looking at other photographers' work is one way. Brainstorming and making a list of ideas can be another. But lists of ideas may not be what you are looking for.… read more

The Slideshow Module - Part 2: Tour's End and Some Tips

June 03 2011

By now you've had a chance to wander around the Slideshow module and get familiar with some of the controls we looked at in The Slideshow Module - Part 1: Basic Tour. If you haven't spent much time in this module before, I hope the basic tour was helpful and… read more

The Slideshow Module - Part 1: Basic Tour

May 31 2011

There are many articles, tips, and tutorials about the Library module. Even more has been written on wandering through the complexities and features of the Develop module. No doubt that these two modules are at the heart of Lightroom and where we spend the majority of our time. But Lightroom… read more

Automating Your Workflow

April 18 2011

There are quite a few features in Lightroom to help you automate your workflow. In every module you will find things to make your life easier! Well, workflow-wise anyway. Publish Services offer a streamlined way to keep your catalog and remote sites in synch. Develop presets let you quickly apply… read more

Drop In Anytime... We're Family!

April 03 2011

There's something new over at Adobe! A new feedback site has been launched over at! You can get there directly by going to It looks to be a great way for users and the Photoshop Family teams to interact and discover new and exciting ideas for future versions… read more

Super Photo Editing Skills Tutorial Available

March 17 2011

Rob and Lauren over at Photography Concentrate were excited to send me their latest Lightroom tutorial Super Photo Editing Skills for review. I was happy to oblige having seen and reviewed some of their prior offerings. Before we get to the review, however, I have to say that Rob and… read more

Abbreviating Lightroom

February 16 2011

Lightroom by its nature helps us be more efficient when working with our images. There are numerous features to speed us along the way when cataloging and processing. Presets, templates, keyword suggestions and so on, cut little bits of time off the tasks at hand. This makes our imaging life… read more

Make 2011 A Lightroom Year!

January 20 2011

The decorations are all put away. The fog of the New Year's Eve party has lifted. Life has returned to something resembling a normal schedule. 2011 is now with us and poised to be a great year for you. That is, if you choose to make it a great year.… read more

Add a Drop of Photoshop

December 03 2010

Lightroom has a great feature called Presets. Presets allows you to set up certain parameters and save them. Once saved, the preset can be applied to thousands of images at a time. If built properly, multiple presets can be combined for different effects.As powerful as presets are there are things… read more

Keywords and Exported Images

November 26 2010

Last time we looked at how keywords are stored in your Lightroom catalog and where they live once saved to the image file's metadata. So now let's take a look at how keywords work when you export images and create new files. Each keyword has three export options associated with… read more

Where Do My Keywords Live?

November 23 2010

We've looked at keywords a few times before. But you can never get enough of a good thing right? Adding keywords to your images can be a simple thing or it can be very very complex. If you've ever done stock then you know that extensive keywords are one of… read more

New Tutorials from George Jardine

October 24 2010

Well George Jardine is back with a new set of video tutorials on the Develop module in Lightroom 3! George was kind enough to let me review the series. I always enjoy his tutorials and this new series is no exception. George presents with an ease and fluidity not found in… read more

LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 3

October 22 2010

In LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 1 we looked at relocating missing files. Missing folder were covered in LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 2. Now let's take a look at some additional techniques to use in the Folders section of the Library module. Nearly anything we can do in the operating system with files and folders can be done… read more

LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 2

October 20 2010

In LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 1 we looked at the problem of missing files in Lightroom. Now it is time to turn our attention the the issue of missing folders. It is extremely useful to get acquainted with the Folders section of the Library module. Becoming familiar with these tools will help you solve… read more

LIGHToperatingROOMsystem--Part 1

October 17 2010

Lightroom does an excellent job of keeping track of your images. But there are times when things don't seem to go so well. You open your catalog and several images have missing file icons or some folders appear to be missing. You scratch your head and wonder what happened. The simple… read more

Adjustment Brush Basics--Part 2

October 14 2010

In Adjustment Brush Basics--Part 1 we explored the Effect section of the adjustment brush panel. Many of those concepts are already familiar to the Lightroom user. The ability to localize exposure and saturation adjustments lets us stay in Lightroom's non-destructive workflow longer and lessens to need to roundtrip out to… read more

Adjustment Brush Basics--Part 1

October 12 2010

Lightroom provides a feature rich interface which can sometimes hide things in plain sight. Even if you have used the Adjustment Brush before there may still be some things hiding in the tool's panel. And that's one of the great pleasures of using Lightroom. Most tools are powerful and easy… read more

As Simple As It Gets!

October 06 2010

There's a new kid on the photo-sharing block. Say hello to Yogile. (Luckily for me this isn't a podcast because I have no idea how to pronounce Yogile.) If you thought it was easy to share photos before... you won't believe how easy it is now! This is one of… read more

Auto Oops!

October 04 2010

Recently, I heard from a reader who had made adjustments to an image only to find that he had inadvertently applied them to a large selection of images. His question was how could he revert all of those images back to their import state without having to go into each… read more

Virtual Images Part 2: Virtual Copies

September 09 2010

In Part 1 we took a look at Snapshots, a way to experiment with your images without the need to create multiple copies of the original file and use up more disk space in the process. Before we talk about the other virtual image feature of Lightroom I need to… read more

Virtual Images Part 1: Snapshots

September 06 2010

Some images only require a few adjustments and you're done. Yes. You're that good! Other images just ask to be taken down different paths. As artists we often try to find the best expression of the moment we captured. But we don't always know the steps from capture to masterpiece.… read more

A Tale of Two Views

August 18 2010

The Library module is a powerhouse of organization tools. You can view many images, a few, or one. Zoom in for fine details. Add star ratings. Add color labels. Change landscape to portrait and back again! The list goes on and on. There is one small problem, however. Many new Lightroom… read more

New Lightroom Tutorials from George Jardine

July 30 2010

If you have been using Lightroom and involved with the Lightroom community for any length of time then one of the names that is sure to be familiar to you is George Jardine. George was involved with Lightroom from its beginning and was a Lightroom Evangelist at Adobe until he… read more

iPad Albums Via Publish Services

July 29 2010

In the previous article, Creating iPad Albums With Lightroom, I talked about using Matt Kloskowski's export presets to create albums for your iPad. This method is accessible by both Lightroom 2 and Lightroom 3 users. However, if you have moved on to Lightroom 3 you can take advantage of one… read more

Creating iPad Albums With Lightroom

July 26 2010

The iPad is an excellent tool for showing off your work. Chances are, though, if you are a Lightroom user you don't want to fiddle with iPhoto just to get your images ready for your iPad and sorted into albums. And if you are a Windows based Lightroom user then… read more

Import - Where It All Begins

July 05 2010

It's been a long ride full of adventure and discovery from Lightroom 3 Beta through Lightroom 3 Beta 2 to Lightroom 3. Along the way we all made suggestions and requests. Adobe listened. If one of your suggestions didn't make it into this version don't worry. This won't be the… read more

Going Against The Grain

July 03 2010

There was a time when film grain was a problem for some photographers. That concern translated into a concern with digital noise. Many words have been written on the techniques in many applications to remove or lessen digital noise or grain in modern images. Some even seek to find ways… read more

A Catalog In The Cloud

May 03 2010

We all know that Lightroom is not yet a net-workable application. While we can point our catalog to images on a network accessible drive we cannot put our catalog on a network drive. This presents a problem to those of... read more

Watermarks Take A Big Leap Forward

April 07 2010

Since the beginning of Lightroom we've wanted a watermarking capability that was more powerful and more flexible than the anemic watermark of Lightroom 1.x or Lightroom 2.x. We had some creative possibilities with the identity plate feature but even that was limited and quirky. With the release of Lightroom 3… read more

Get To The Point!

April 05 2010

Tired of only having a parametric curve at your disposal? Good news! Lightroom 3 Beta 2 introduces a point curve to the Develop module! That is fantastic news! Many users asked for point curve capabilities in Lightroom and Adobe has delivered. Lightroom's parametric curve has some great features. I like… read more

Lightroom 3 Beta 2 Is Here!

April 04 2010

It's here! Adobe released Lightroom 3 Beta 2 recently and there are some nice goodies to play with in Beta 2. Grab it from Adobe Labs now! And if history teaches us anything, Adobe is saving a few tricks up their sleeves for the final release of Lightroom 3. There's… read more

Lightroom Gets The Red Out!

March 06 2010

Aside from Halloween shots those glowing red eyes in images don't belong. Of course, the best way to deal with red-eye is to avoid it altogether. So how does it happen? When the light from your flash enters your subject's eyes it bounces back from the retina. The retina is… read more

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