William VonStorch

William R. VonStorch is currently the head of the Foreign Counterintelligence Automated Data Processing Operations for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. He has served more than 20 years in the United States Navy and Naval Reserves, specializing in areas of military intelligence and physical and personnel security. During the last 12 years his experience has been in the areas of counterintelligence, law enforcement, antiterrorism, computer systems, and computer security. Bill also owns and operates a part-time computer consulting firm that specializes in various types of information management service. He co-developed the Computer-Assisted Security and Investigation Analysis Tool for use by the FBI to maintain information on malicious software, security-related incident information, critical elements of federal legislation, and vulnerabilities of computer systems, hardware, and software. He resides in Maryland.

Computer Crime Computer Crime
by David Icove, Karl Seger, William VonStorch
September 1995