Matthew David

Matthew has developed RIA solutions for governments, Fortune 500s, and many other companies. He has books published by New Riders, Wiley, Sam's, and Friends of Ed covering topics such as Flash, HTML, CSS, and SilverLight. His latest books include contributions to Sam's iPhone Development in 24 hrs and Focal Press' Visualizing the Web: HTML5. Matthew is passionate about RIA solutions and has contributed articles to many web sites including,, and Digital Media and many others. He is currently writing articles for the World Wide Web Consortium Group (, the group that defines standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and XML, to help explain these complex standards.

Matthew lives in North East Wisconsin with his wife and children. And, yes, the Packers are great, they do eat a lot of cheese, and the beer is plentiful.

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Matthew blogs at:

Spinner coming to jQuery UI

December 29 2010

The "soon to be released" jQuery UI has support for a new Widget: the Spinner. This blog looks at how you can implement the Spinner Widget into your Web pages read more

iAd Producer - Apple's new HTML5 RIA tool

December 21 2010

Apple releases it's first HTML5 enabled RIA tool, iAd Producer. read more

Code Files for using jQuery Mobile, SPRY and jQuery Plugins to build a native iOS App

December 09 2010

Earlier in the week I reported that my first iOS app built with jQuery Mobile had been accepted into the iTunes App Store. Today, I am giving you the code I used to build the app. read more

Yes, Virginia, you can build native iOS apps with jQuery Mobile

December 07 2010

A second release of jQuery Mobile is only a couple of weeks old, but I thought I would take it for a spin, mix it with some PhoneGap goodness and build a native iOS app for my iPhone. Did it work? Was it worth the effort? Is jQuery Mobile ready… read more

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