Ben Smith

Ben Smith is a senior ActionScript developer with over six years' experience, and has worked with some well known and prestigious digital agencies, such as R/GA and AgencyNet. Ben is passionate about higher learning, which he believes comes from experimentation and experience. With over 10,000 hours of experience with Flash, Ben does not consider himself a master of Flash, but a student of what Flash required him to know. He blogs at

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Linear Transformation and Javascript = iOS rotation and Scaling

September 15 2010

What exactly is Linear Transformation? Linear Transformation is a math term that relates a function to the space between two vectors. However, you can just know that this is what will allow us to rotate and scale objects on a... read more

Replicating Apple's iOS Elastic Scrolling with JavaScript

September 08 2010

Any IPhone or IPad user has grown accustomed to the native scrolling features, which has been adopted by many competitors. Those who develop for the Apple devices using Cocoa have the ability to tap into the native features, while those who code for the web are left to devise their… read more

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