Marijn Haverbeke

Marijn Haverbeke is a programming language enthusiast and polyglot. He's worked his way from trivial BASIC games on the Commodore, through a C++ phase, to the present where he mostly hacks on database systems and web APIs in dynamic languages. He recently won the JS1K—JavaScript demo in 1024 bytes—contest, and is the author of a wide range of open-source software.

Eloquent JavaScript Eloquent JavaScript (No Starch)
by Marijn Haverbeke
January 2011
Print: $29.95
Ebook: $23.95

"This book is a really good guide to Javascript; but even more than that, this book is a great guide to programming."
--Ben Nadel, The Blog of Ben Nadel

"Eloquent JavaScript is one of the Best JavaScript Books I’ve Read."
--Rey Bango,

"A concise and balanced mix of principles and pragmatics. I loved the tutorial-style game-like program development. This book rekindled my earliest joys of programming. Plus, JavaScript!"
--Brendan Eich

"I was first introduced to JavaScript while building one of my websites. I really could have used a good basic introduction to JavaScript like Eloquent Javascript."
--Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

"For those considering learning JavaScript whether as a beginner to programming or as someone who already knows one or more other languages this book is a good place to start."
--Stephen Chapman,