Jud Valeski

Jud Valeski is co-founder and CEO of Gnip, a real-time data portability software initiative. From client-side consumer facing products, to large scale back-end infrastructure projects, he has enjoyed working with technology for over twenty years. He's been a part of engineering, product, and M&A teams at IBM, Netscape, onebox.com, AOL, and me.dium. He has played a central role in the release of a wide range of products used by tens of millions of users worldwide. Beginning his career as a Smalltalk intern in IBM's logistics department, Jud built cost optimization & modeling software and ported desktop apps to IBM's intranet. From there he joined Netscape Communications and worked on the networking and cookie components of the browser. After integrating Netscape Gecko across AOL's entire client-side software suite, he wanted to experience life on other side of the socket. Before transitioning to server-side architecture, he negotiated the spin-out of Mozilla from AOL. Jud then drove the migration of AOL from its proprietary back-end framework to standards based web technologies.

What's Mine is Yours What's Mine is Yours
by Tim O'Reilly, Dylan Field, Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Nolan Goldberg, Jud Valeski
March 2011

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The black market for data

October 07 2010

In today's world of open social media APIs, there's a rift between what publishers consider open versus what data consumers are demanding. That discrepancy is at the heart of data's black market. read more

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