Richard Reese

Richard Reese

Computer Science professor and author

Benbrook, Texas

Areas of Expertise:

  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • consulting
  • training
Richard Reese has worked in the industry and academics for the past 29 years. For 10 years he provided software development support at Lockheed and at one point developed a C based network application. He was a contract instructor providing software training to industry for 5 years. Richard is currently an Associate Professor at Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas.

Understanding and Using C Pointers Understanding and Using C Pointers
by Richard Reese
May 2013
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $33.99

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Memory Deallocation Issues in C

June 25 2013

It may seem that when dynamic memory has been deallocated, we are done with it. We have avoided a memory leak and can confidently move on to other issues. In some cases this may be the case. However, we may … read more

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Webcast: Function Pointers in C
May 22, 2014
The basics of function pointers will be introduced followed by examples of their use and common issues that arise from their use.