Cindy Alvarez

Cindy Alvarez

Learn what customers need, turn it into products they'll buy

  • @cindyalvarez

San Francisco, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • customer development
  • enterprise innovation
  • product management
  • user research
  • speaking
  • training

Cindy Alvarez is the author of Lean Customer Development: How to Build Products Your Customers Will Buy. It's a highly practical, hands-on guide to effectively talk to customers, and it's actively used by tiny startups to massive global enterprises.

Cindy also offers training on research for non-researchers and driving change and innovation in the enterprise. Her sessions are widely praised for their pragmatism and 'use it tomorrow' applicability.

Cindy is a principal design researcher for Microsoft, after spending over a decade leading interaction design, product management, and research for startups of varying sizes. She holds a degree in psychology from Harvard University.

Lean Customer Development (Hardcover version) Lean Customer Development (Hardcover version)
by Cindy Alvarez
May 2014