Jez Humble

Jez Humble


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Albany, California

Areas of Expertise:

  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Testing
  • Version Control
  • Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Release Management
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Jez Humble is a Principal at ThoughtWorks Studios, and co-author of the Jolt Award winning Continuous Delivery, published in Martin Fowler’s Signature Series (Addison Wesley, 2010). He has worked as a software developer, product manager, consultant and trainer across a wide variety of domains and technologies. His focus is on helping organisations deliver valuable, high-quality software frequently and reliably through implementing effective engineering practices.

Lean Enterprise Lean Enterprise
by Jez Humble, Joanne Molesky, Barry O'Reilly
December 2013
Ebook: $20.99

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The 2014 State of DevOps Report Is Here!

June 04 2014

DevOps, a movement of people who care about developing and operating reliable, high performance systems at scale, has always — intentionally — lacked a definition or manifesto. However (and this is fascinating in its own right) that doesn’t mean that we can’t measure the impact of DevOps, and how good… read more