Richard Dallaway

Richard Dallaway

Scala, Lift developer

Brighton, England

Areas of Expertise:

  • Scala
  • Lift
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
Richard Dallaway is a partner at Underscore Consulting, working on client software projects. He's a Lift committer, where he has focused on the module system. Prior to Underscore, Richard gained his PhD from the School of Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex, worked on machine learning projects, before moving to consultancy and software engineering. He lives with his wife and one small terrier in Brighton, UK.

Lift Cookbook Lift Cookbook
by Richard Dallaway
June 2013
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Squeaky Clean Ajax and Comet with Lift

July 23 2013

Lift is a web framework for Scala, and is probably best known for having great Comet and Ajax support. I’ve been touring the features of Lift that I find appealing. Initially I looked at designer-friendly templates and REST services. Recently, … read more

A Birds-eye View with Lift

July 18 2013

Lift is a web framework built for the Scala programming language, running on the Java Virtual Machine. Version 2.5 recently shipped, and I’m highlighting features of the framework that I find appealing. Last time it was transforms and REST services, … read more

The Appeal of the Lift Web Frameworks

July 10 2013

Lift is one of the better-known web frameworks for Scala. Version 2.5 has just been released, so it seems like a good time to show features of Lift that I particularly like. Lift is different from other web frameworks (in … read more

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