Andrew Odewahn

Andrew Odewahn is the CTO of O'Reilly Media, where he helps define and create new products, services, and business models that will help O'Reilly continue to make the transition to an increasingly digital future. The author of two books on database development, he has experience as a software developer and consultant in a number of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and publishing. Andrew has an MBA from New York University and a degree in Computer Science from the University of Alabama. He's also thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming: A Developer's Workbook Oracle PL/SQL Programming: A Developer's Workbook
by Steven Feuerstein, Andrew Odewahn
May 2000
Print: $54.99
Ebook: $43.99

Oracle Web Applications:  PL/SQL Developer's Intro Oracle Web Applications: PL/SQL Developer's Intro
by Andrew Odewahn
September 1999

Real World Applications Panel: Healthcare and Medicine Real World Applications Panel: Healthcare and Medicine
by Jim Golden, Carol McCall, Andrew Odewahn, David Van Sickle, Indu Subaiya
March 2011

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Health 2.0 / MAKE Developer Challenge happening this weekend in Boston

February 16 2011

The Health 2.0 / MAKE Developer Challenge is happening this weekend, Feb 19th, in Boston. If you haven't signed up already, register now, because it's filling up fast. read more

Hacking for health: Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

January 18 2011

Following on their success last year, Health 2.0 is hosting code-a-thons in three cities as part of their Developer Challenge: San Francisco, CA on January 29th, Washington, D.C. on February 12th, and Boston, MA on February 19th. O'Reilly and Maker Media are co-sponsoring the Boston event by bringing in a… read more

Earthquakes are HUGE on

August 26 2010

After launching just over a year ago with only 47 data sets, the catalog now has 2,326 entries that have been collectively downloaded almost three-quarters of a million times. Of course, even these sizable download counts understate the actual impact of this data, which is being embedded in a… read more

Lies, damn lies, and visualizations

August 09 2010

There's nothing wrong with taking a strong position, assuming the underlying data and facts are accurate. But it's important for the audience to recognize it as advocacy, not as strict science, even when it comes wrapped in a really cool visualization. read more

iPhone economics and lower barriers to entry

June 24 2010

The App Store has exposed incumbents in the mobile industry to the same sort of asymmetric competition that has reshaped the media industry over the past decade. Developers are responding in droves to the economic incentives that lower barriers to entry create, as well as the fact that the App… read more

Visualizing the Senate social graph, revisited

June 17 2010

The addition of animation and interactivity breathes new life -- and insight -- into a Senate voting visualization. Andrew Odewahn discusses his visualization process and how revisions made a big difference. read more

Visualization of Interests at Web 2.0 Summit

November 05 2008

To help make the most of this week's Web 2.0 Summit, I wanted to understand the overall audience gestalt - what are the broad themes, interests, and ideas that are important to the people going to the conference? A tag cloud can be a great (but admittedly imperfect!) way to… read more

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