Robert Dickerson

Robert Dickerson

Swift expert, speaker, author

  • @rfdickerson

Austin, Texas

Areas of Expertise:

  • Swift
  • Kitura
  • JavaScript
  • IoT
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Robert F. Dickerson is a software engineer in the Swift@IBM Engineering group. Having written many end-to-end applications in Java, JavaScript, and Swift (on iOS), he loves being able to write his server-side code in Swift! He was one of the original developers that made Kitura, a web-service middleware framework for Swift. He currently leads a team that builds applications and libraries that use Kitura. He is active in the open-source Swift community, where he has given talks about server-side Swift at AltConf 2016, Try! Swift NYC 2016, and the Server-side Swift Year-Long Conference 2016. Before joining IBM as a developer, he was on the faculty in the computer science departments at the College of William and Mary and then at the University of Texas at Austin. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Virginia. He blogs at and tweets at @rfdickerson.

Extending Swift Value(s) to the Server Extending Swift Value(s) to the Server
by Robert Dickerson, David Ungar
February 2017
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