Silvia Hagen

IPv6 expert, consultant, trainer and author, chair of Swiss IPv6 Council

  • @sunny_shagen

Maur, Switzerland

Areas of Expertise:

  • IPv6 consulting
  • IPv6 education Network- and application-performance analysis application profiling
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Silvia Hagen has been in the networking industry since 1990. Today she is CEO of Sunny Connection AG in Switzerland and works as a senior consultant and analyst for many mid-size and large sized companies. Her expertise is in IPv6 as well as in network and application performance and protocol analysis. She is the author of successful books such as 'Novell's Guide to Troubleshooting TCP/IP', published by IDG Books, "IPv6 Essentials" and "Planning for IPv6", both published by O'Reilly. She presents internationally on various networking topics offers customized corporate presentations and trainings. Silvia is president of the Swiss IPv6 Council. For more details and contact information visit her website at

IPv6 Essentials IPv6 Essentials
by Silvia Hagen
Third Edition June 2014
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

Planning for IPv6 Planning for IPv6
by Silvia Hagen
September 2011
Print: $26.99
Ebook: $22.99

IPv6 Essentials IPv6 Essentials
by Silvia Hagen
Second Edition May 2006

IPv6 Essentials IPv6 Essentials
by Silvia Hagen
July 2002

"There is something in this book for everyone...As you build your IPv6 library, this book should get an early spot on the shelf."
--Ron Nutter, TechBytes with Ron Nutter

"If you're after a solid technical reference on IPv6, this is certainly a good reference. The writing style makes for easy reading and the book is well laid-out, starting with some history and then working its way up the stack as you progress through."
--Paul Armstrong, ;LOGIN:

"...a well-written, clear, up-to-date guide to understanding IPv6 in-depth...I recommend IPv6 Essentials as an essential reference, and a great starting point for mastering IPv6."
--Carla Schroder,