Jesse Glick

Java developer

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Areas of Expertise:

  • Java
  • NetBeans
  • Jenkins
Jesse Glick has worked on the NetBeans project since 1999, seeing it be acquired by Sun Microsystems, made open source, and most recently incorporated into Oracle's tool portfolio. He has worked on basic components of the IDE such as the project system, the Ant and Maven integrations, and the Hudson integration. Jesse has also contributed to the NetBeans Platform and its in-IDE tooling, and co-authored an O'Reilly book on the subject.

NetBeans: The Definitive Guide NetBeans: The Definitive Guide
by Tim Boudreau, Jesse Glick, Simeon Greene, Vaughn Spurlin, Jack J. Woehr
October 2002
Print: $44.95
Ebook: $35.99