Jay Ts

Author of Using Samba, 2nd edition.

Sedona, Arizona

Areas of Expertise:

  • Programming in C/C++ and other C-like languages
  • Linux System and Network Administration
  • Samba
  • Analog Electronic Design
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Jay Ts started using Unix in 1981, writing Bourne shell scripts and programming in C. He had an account on a 7th ed. UNIX system running on a VAX11/780 in the Caltech High Energy Physics Department, and helped to develop an early version of the software that is now Mathematica. A bit later, he worked for the Caltech Computer Science Department, NASA/JPL, and the USC Information Sciences Institute. His first serious personal computer was a 386 PC that he built in 1988. He installed ISC Unix System V/386 and started a Unix consulting business. Jay has been using Linux since 1996, starting with Red Hat and switching to SUSE/openSUSE in 2003. Nowadays, he is a competent C/C++ programmer and Linux system/network administrator, along with knowing many programming languages and other technologies. When he is not busy with computer technology, Jay might be designing analog electronic circuits, playing his electric guitar, or hiking in the wilderness near his home.

Using Samba Using Samba
by Gerald Carter, Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein
Third Edition January 2007
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $38.99

Samba Pocket Reference Samba Pocket Reference
by Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown
Second Edition April 2003
Print: $9.95
Ebook: $7.99

Using Samba Using Samba
by Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown
Second Edition February 2003

"System administrators who want a complete guide to Samba administration will want to add Gerald Carter, Jay Ts, and Robert Eckstein's Using Samba third edition to their reference collections."
--James A. Cox, California Bookwatch